We may think we’ll spend every summer day outside playing in the sun. We’ll have activities to do every second, and travel plans finalized. So when we have a day that we find ourselves at home with not much to do, having a list of books to read will keep both grown ups and kids from getting bored. Turn to these 15 books for summer reading pleasure.

Get ready for summer reading with these 15 books for kids, teens and adults.

Books are such a delight and can become your best friend if you let them. They teach our kids the basics of reading, but then branch out to teach them moral lessons as well. The summer offers many opportunities to enjoy reading again. For the older kids, this is a time to branch out from the required school reading and find genres they enjoy. To parents of the small readers, now is a great time to visit your local library and begin instilling a love for books. Reading isn’t just for kids though! Summer Vacation – for the lucky adults who get that – this is a great time to rekindle your love of reading too.

5 Books for Kids Summer Reading: Ages 0-10

Do some summer reading with these 5 books for kids.

A Gift For Sophie – This is a beautiful book translated from the award-winning French storybook by Gilles Vigneault. The accompanying audio CD will be perfect for all your car trips this summer. Let your child look at the pictures and follow along as the story is read to them.

There is a Tribe of Kids – With fascinating artwork, this book will inspire your kids to explore the world around them this summer finding similarities in the people around them.

This Book is Out of Control – If you’re hearing the words “I’m bored” this summer, then you need this series of books from Richard Byrne. These books engage the kids through colorful pictures and laughter using every part of the book to pull young readers in.

The Principal Gang – Prepare your kids to head back to school after the summer break with this fantastic book series! Inspire your kids to create a no bully atmosphere at their school.

Ivy and Bean – Are your kids branching out of simple picture books, but not quite ready for those long chapter books with little to no pictures? Girls love Ivy and Bean! Short chapters and fun pictures still entertain kids with life situations they can relate to.

5 Books for Tweens and Teens Summer Reading: Ages 10-18

Enjoy these 5 summer reading selections for tweens and teens.

Jacky Ha-Ha – Told from the perspective of a Mom to her Daughter about her own childhood, this would be a great summer Mother/daughter read.

Star Darlings – These Disney books teach kids to be themselves and live their dreams. Do more than just read these books, try making Dreamy Marshmallow Popcorn Balls with your kids inspired by the characters. Every book can be turned into more than just a good story.

Treasure Hunters – I find a good story is one that immerses you so far you are able to forget your troubles for the day. That’s what Treasure Hunters will do thanks to #1 best-selling kids author James Patterson.

ScFi Junior High – If you have children heading off to a new school – whether from a move or just to Jr High/High school, they’ll be sure to relate to this collaborative effort headed up once again by James Patterson.

Chrystallia and The Source of Light – Not every book needs to be relatable. Summer is a great time for kids to check out fantasy books. Enter this magical world of glowing crystals and imaginary evil characters.

5 Books for Adults Summer Reading: Ages 18+

Get your summer reading on with these books for adults

A Shade of Vampire – You didn’t really want to sleep this summer right? Check out of reality and immerse yourself in the mystical world of vampires. Hey adults need to escape reality sometimes too.

The Mommy Diaries – Finally a book all moms can relate to! Throw off the facade of parenting perfection and get real with Dallas Louise. FYI – babies don’t sleep.

In Search of Fatherhood – A surprising tale of many women with different backgrounds and relationships with their fathers. This book is moving for more than just fathers to read.

No Biking In the House Without A Helmet – This story of one families journey through the adoption process, and becoming parents to 10 children is fascinating. It will have you reading many parts over and over again. Turns out every parent faces fears at some point or another.

The Lake House – Cozy up by the pool, lake or beach for this one. The Lake House reminds us to slow life down and remember the people who truly matter in our lives.

What’s on Your Summer Reading List?