My brother is a veteran but also my personal hero. Shopping Sears for the Heroes at Home campaign is an honor to him

I am going to try to get through this post without crying all over my keyboard. Not only because writing about my brother always brings happy emotion to my heart but because there are so many Heroes at Home that deserve recognition that never really get it. People who get up in the morning, away from family and friends, facing the very real possibility that they will never make it home, all to protect people they have never even met. Our Veterans know that feeling well. The feeling of watching the holidays pass while they are away. The feeling of stepping foot home and not knowing what to do next. My brother is a Veteran. Having served 3 tours in Iraq during Dessert Storm staring at the age of 18, he knew the struggle of not being home for the holidays. Now out of the military and a businessman who has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams, he is the family hero for my birth brothers as well.

My brother is more than a Veteran. Like most Veterans, he has a story many will never know. But it is one that should be shared.

My brother is a veteran of the Iraq war. He served three terms

As you know, I was adopted at age 8. My life changed for the better but I lost contact with all of my birth siblings. My older brother was the only one who tried to stay in touch. After decades, 34 years to be exact, of ignoring my requests to let me be, to not make me relive the past, to move on like I never had siblings, he finally broke through. He was the one sibling who, through tireless attempts to reconnect us all, finally got the birth siblings back together. I have only been in contact again for a few years but it is as if time never passed. What my brother gave me, and all of my siblings, by never giving up, despite his own struggles in many foster homes, the military, building his own amazing family and the desire to start his own business, is truly amazing. He is a HERO to me, my family, my brothers and this country. And one of the kindest people I have ever met. He is one of so many stories that are so important and that need to be honored this Veteran’s Day.

I am proud that my brother is a veteran


On Veteran’s Day my children’s Uncle, also a Veteran, will be speaking at my oldest daughter’s school. So I thought a little thank you gift would be nice.  At the check out I also saw the opportunity to donate to our Veterans and took advantage of it. It is such a simple thing to do.

Don’t forget to show honor and respect to all our

veterans and military personnel, year-round!


It is always a great time to donate and support to those who blindly put their lives in danger to support us!