Making out a Christmas wish list is an art form. Not everyone does it correctly and not every perfect Christmas wish list will work out the way you want. As a mother, I am keenly aware of the power of the wish list when it is properly employed. If you have a Christmas wish list that you really want filled, it is extremely important to avoid certain mistakes. Here are three of the more common mistakes made along with solutions to over come them.

3 Reasons Your Christmas Wish List Might Be Useless

Share them with your children if you dare (they are quite powerful in the hands of kids):

You are living a Christmas fantasy

Pretty much all of us have experienced the Christmas fantasy syndrome. This is where your kid asks for something impossible to get. To put it in adult terms, imagine asking your significant other for a Lexus when you clearly can’t afford it… might ask but I would not hold my breath on it happening.  This, however, does not mean that the Christmas fantasy is useless….no, no, no…


This is top secret Christmas wish list information here folks. If you want to use the Christmas fantasy to it’s fullest, use it as a buffer. Figure out a Christmas gift that is generally off the table but on the fringes of possible. Put it on the Christmas wish list and then employ the Christmas fantasy just before it. By the time the gift giver gets off the floor laughing at your request, your real wish will not seem nearly as impossible.

You went with volume over quality

No Christmas wish list should ever be so long that you need to unfold or unroll it. It should not hit the floor people. A wish list should be legible and short…straight to the point. Some people list every single thing that they need in life on a Christmas wish list. If someone does that with me, I am going to ignore the list altogether and get whatever I find on sale.


Go with a quality list instead and only list the reasonable purchases for the giver. This will yield Christmas gifts that you actually hoped for and limit those that are sure to end up as regifts. (Don’t smirk…you know you have done it before)

Finally for number three…this one is adults only…

Never….ever…make a Christmas wish list under the influence

When you write out a Christmas wish list, you should always be of sound mind. Drinking that rum-spiked egg nog and talking things over with Santa generally don’t mix. You could end up with a list that looks something like this:

1. A taser for all the idiots in the parking lot at the mall

2. A new husband….(the old one is broken)

3. Some Tic Tacs (for my aunt Bessie at Christmas dinner)

4. Self control so I don’t flip the bird at random strangers that steal parking spots.

5. More egg nog

6. More Rum

7. Surprise me Big Guy! Wink wink!


Always make your Christmas wish list while under full control of your faculties.

Then again, why not? Where is the rum?

Do you have any fun Christmas wish list advice? If so, we would love to hear it!

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