A Day in Motherhood is proud to offer honest, entertaining, original product reviews for your product and or services. I do not cut and paste thus my timeline is a little longer than some.  Contact me via my email button on my page or email me at lomargie {at} gmail {dot} com.  Please provide me with your product information, the deadline for the review after I receive it, and any special instructions!  I am committed to providing honest and thought provoking reviews on my site.

I have 3 daughters, ages 5, 4 and 2.  I like family – friendly products and services that I can give a knowledgeable opinion on.  I have no requirements on review value but ask that you strongly consider linking the review with the giveaway, though it is not a requirement.

I do not publish negative reviews.  If I receive your product service and can not provide a positive and honest review, I will contact you to discuss it in private.

Products tested and reviewed by A Day in Motherhood will not be returned.


A Day in Motherhood is happy to sponsor giveaways for your product and/ or service.  I do not charge a giveaway fee if you provide me with the same product/ service you would like given away!

I charge a fee per giveaway if no product is provided and the “dry” giveaways will contain no type of review/ promotional written  material from me.

Contact me via my CONTACT ME form or at lomargie {at} gmail {dot} com if you are interested!  I am always up to negotiate.


I also coordinate group giveaways if you are looking for a larger reach.  I will gather up to 20 reputable bloggers with minimum reach and promote your company or product over the combined blogs and social media pages.  I charge a flat fee for this service.  You provide the prize and requirements and I provide the bloggers, create the contest, manage the readers, validate entries, mange the winner (s) and alert you to the end of the contest.

Please CONTACT ME for additional information!  I’d love to work with you!


I am very excited to be developing the Social Media side of my business.  I currently manage two Facebook and Twitter pages for companies and have enjoyed both a cooperative working relationship with the companies and watching the growth of the pages.  For a flat monthly fee, I will create and promote a monthly social media calendar that you can approve and then post daily or more to the social media pages as your company name.  I will engage with your readers, answer questions, point out promotions and more.

Take your time back and work on selling what you excel at and let me manage the day to day social media interactions!

CONTACT ME for more information!


A Day in Motherhood is happy to offer advertising space for your product or company.  I accept buttons, banners, and articles (if I deem them of interest to my readers).  Rates vary from $5.00 a month to $150 a year.  Rates will fluctuate as my readership grows.

My stats change daily as I shamelessly promote myself throughout social media outlets.  You can find me on twitter @lomargie and on Facebook at A Day in Motherhood.  I actively participate in Blog Hops and contests in an effort to bring new eyes to my blog, my reviews, and my giveaways.  Current stats can be provided upon request. Try to remember, however, that stats are not all that matter in advertising!

The company providing the giveaway is responsible for all costs associated with the prize.  Shipping, handling, packaging costs included.  Once I have a winner, their information will be sent to the giveaway provider for delivery instructions.  A Day in Motherhood does not pay for any aspect of a Review or Giveaway.


I am here to help you promote your product, website, blog, and other service.  However, A Day in Motherhood is written, edited, and monitored by me, Lori Pace.  My opinions, writings, and submissions are based on my own experience with the products.  Any claim, statistic, or indirect quotes about the product that are provided by the company should be verified with that company.

Please contact me via my email button or at lomargie {at} gmail {dot} com to start the process for your review, giveaway, or advertisement!

Please see my Disclaimer Page for more information