I very rarely get excited over new things anymore. Sometimes ‘new’ means recycled in a different way. So when I was approached to review NEW Shopkins toys, I was a little hesitant. What are Shopkins you ask? Now on shelves at Target, Shopkins finally offers something new that has now taken this house by storm! But not just my house, friends are sending texts telling me how much their kids love Shopkins, too!

What are Shopkins? Shopkins Toys at Target #ShopkinsSummerPlaydate

As an introduction to these creative little toys, I was asked to spread the word to friends and family. I had a small get together at my house and then a larger one at the pool. All of the kids who attended – boys and girls – got Shopkins to take home!  I took notes and have 5 Reasons I Love NEW Shopkins toys! I bet you will love them too!

They are Original

What are Shopkins? Shopkins Toys at Target #ShopkinsSummerPlaydate

Shopkins offer play sets and small rubber ‘food’ items that are characters. They can be checked out, mixed and matched, and played and traded. The idea is that kids can shop at Shopkins Small Mart and play like they are at a grocery store with the little characters. Other play sets like the Bakery/ Fruit Stand extend the kids playtime as they use their imagination to recreate something they do with you all the time! The play sets allow kids to shop, check out, take them down the slide, use the cart to shop and bag. My kids literally opened these and went nuts! We now have a ‘designated’ area in the playroom for Shopkins and not a day has gone by yet in the last few weeks that the kids have not played with them!

Boys and Girls Can Play

This is not a gender specific toy and it is evidenced by my friend Emily who sent this text that her 9 year old son LOVES them!

Shopkins Toys at Target #ShopkinsSummerPlaydate

Shopkins have a ton of character ‘foods’ that are perfect for boys and girls. Siblings can play together and purchase pizza, ice cream, fruits and vegetables that look like characters. In fact, all of them have their own names and if my kids and their friends had not frantically opened all of the packs sending the list into the trash, I would know them all. I do know that in the bottom of the 12 packs are ultra rare hidden Shopkins with really awesome names like Cupcake Queen and Twinkie Winks. These special characters are not revealed until you purchase the 12 pack!

They Promote Group Play

As you can imagine, three girls playing with one or two toys can be a nightmare. But I have watched carefully and am totally impressed with not only how well they play these together, but how well they play these with friends! One stacks the Shopkins on the shelves, one slides them on the slide, one checks them out on the movable check out belt – and the ‘ding’ sound the kids make is hysterical when they do, and one can use the cart that come with the Shopkins Small Mart! It is a multi child toy with a multi functional way to include them all. The little Shopkins characters are totally collectible and, if your kids are like mine, constant companions where ever they go!

5 Reasons I Love NEW! Shopkins Toys kids


They Promote Creativity

I literally did nothing but hand kid after kid Shopkins and let them go at it. I did not explain what they were, did not help with the little assembly of the play sets and did not talk about them to the kids. I simply wanted to see what the kids did with them. So many toys come into this house and are cast aside in a matter of minutes. Shopkins really has stood the test of time and the creativity I am watching while they, and their friends play with them, is awesome!

5 Reasons I Love NEW! Shopkins Toys girls


The kids took a few minutes to quickly define ‘roles’. You are the cashier, you are the bagger, you are the shopper. And then, something really cool happened. They started talking about the ‘ingredients’ and what they would need to make a meal! ‘We need strawberries and peas too ’cause they make a balanced meal.’ I love the creativity these toys encourage and the many story lines the kids can come up with!

They are Affordable

You know we all were waiting on this one. Look, I shop in stores. I know how ridiculous the price can be for a play set or a toy that my kids really, really, really want. I have walked away from many a toy shaking my head at the overpriced plastic that is on display. But Shopkins had a top price of $20 and that is for the Small Mart play set which is totally affordable in my opinion. The Bakery/ Fruit stand is only $15! The 12 pack of Shopkins is only $10. And the little single bags that should be up by checkout are even less. I don’t know about you, but I can spend the total of what it costs to get these on one house that does not have near the appeal and interest grabbing toys. Head to Target and look for Shopkins in the toy area! Check out the prices of the toys around them and you will see why I think these are totally doable, piece by piece if need be! Moose Toys has done a wonderful job of coming up with a super fun toy line that will not break our wallets!

Shopkins Toys at Target #ShopkinsSummerPlaydate

As you can tell, I am truly and honestly impressed with these NEW little toys!

Shopkins Toys at Target #ShopkinsSummerPlaydate

What Are Shopkins?

  1. They are Kids Play-sets and Toy Characters
  2. Based off Food items
  3. New Original Toy that Are Very Popular
  4. Created in 2014 by Moose Toys
  5. Come Read our Full Review!


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