Many Mom’s are finding ways to work from home these days. It might be blogging like myself and Lori, or something entirely different like medical coding or Pampered Chef. When we work from home, we have a workspace. It might be small, it might be a whole office, but we all have one.

Spring Clean your Workspace with Shoplet

It was time for me to reclaim my “office” space, and make it usable!  See Mark had started wondering out loud why I never used the desktop anymore. I had a list of reasons – like it’s not as comfy as the couch – but the main one was there was too much chaos on the desk.

Declutter your desk with Shoplet

I could not sit down here, and work because I’d get distracted with all the unfiled paperwork, papers that needed shredding, and kids toys and homework that found it’s way to this space. Creative juices were being sucked up from this mess that was supposed to be my workspace.

Something HAD to be done! Since it is spring, I figured why not give my desk a good spring cleaning the same way I do everything else in the house. It starts with a complete removal of everything! Papers, folders, toys, garbage, books, files were all picked up and moved to the kitchen table, my go to sorting spot.

Once it’s all been removed thoroughly wipe down your space. The nooks and crannies of the keyboard, inside the desk drawer. Nothing was left untouched.

Spring Clean your desk with Shoplet

I like to change things up to give a fresh look and feel to my rooms, and simply angling the monitor into the corner of the desk has given me just enough of a change to feel inspired again.

The next part is the grueling task of putting it all back together. This Stacking Wood Desk Organizer did the trick!  Without this solution, it could have been a horrific task. Now instead of 2 piles, I can separate our papers into 7 different areas! With 5 tiered slots on the top, a flat shelf, and an extra drawer I have all the space I need for those pesky papers that like to pile their way into my life.

Organize your workspace with Shoplet

Really now, doesn’t that look fabulous?! I can feel the creative juices just flowing back into me with an organized workspace. This solution really helped out, and even created a little nook between it and the monitor that has allowed me to add a few of the things that inspire me –

A Picture of my Sister and I, my Great-Grandmother for who I was named, and my New Hampshire mug  – where my childhood heart still dwells.

Workspace inspiration with Shoplet

What do you put in your workspace for inspiration?