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My name is Lori Pace and I am a 45 year old mom and thrilled, but often struggling, single mother of three daughters.

Where Have I Been and How I Am Crawling Out of Writer's Block

In addition to this blog, I also own ADIM Media, LLC, a social media management company. Contact me for your social media needs!

I am a contributing writer at SheKnows.com and Coupons.com’s thegoodstuff magazine. I am also a Campaign Lead for the vibrant and impressive Collective Bias

I live outside Houston, TX and love that darned Texas heat!

In my previous life, known as before children, I was a stockbroker climbing my way to the middle.  I became a mother at 33 and, in less than 3 years, added two more daughters to my brood.

Now, as a work at home single mom, I feel I need a place to complain, express frustration, and share the joys and laughter of my mothering these children.

Thus was born my blog, A Day in Motherhood.

I want to find the best information I can for moms and family and daughters and share them with you. I will also tell you about the latest and greatest entertainment information for kids and write often about what it is like to raise these kids!

I am deeply honored that you stopped by to read a post, a review, or enter a giveaway!

And thrilled that you have chosen to follow me as I laugh, cry and scream my way through the Mothering of 3 small children!


Lori Pace

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