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Treasure Hunters books are a series of fun and adventure for tweens and teens! #TreasureHunters #ad

There are few things I am more proud of than the fact that all three of my girls love to read. Even Megan, my 7 year old, who fights everything and would rather play dolls at bedtime, can be found with her nose in a book when no one is watching. Their whole lives I have told them that they will find their biggest adventures in books as well as their best friends. Being able to escape between the pages of a book, for me, has been a blessing more than once. I want my kids to know and to love that feeling of of opening printed pages and finding something exciting inside! So when we were asked to check out Treasure Hunters: Peril at the Top of the World, by James Patterson, it was an adventure we were ready to take!

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Treasure Hunters: Peril at the Top of the World is part of the series for tween and teens by James Patterson. Mr. Patterson has written more #1 bestsellers for kids than any other living author so I knew that this one was going to be a hit and a series we will soon own.

It follows the Kidd family as they embark on yet another adventure, searching for lost treasure in the cold and unforgiving Arctic! Battling the suspicion that they are the thieves in a major heist in Moscow, the try to solve the same crime and find the hidden treasure before they are thrown in a Russian prison!

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Sarah, my 8 year old really got into this book. She picked it up one day and I found her laying on the couch, turning page after page, engrossed in the story. When I did get her away from it for a moment, she looked up, smiled and said, ‘It’s good, Mom.’. That, my friends, is a rave review from an 8 year old who reads so many books that she has the knowledge to know what is good and what is not.

Treasure Hunters is a series that kids will love! #TreasureHunters #ad

No that we have Treasure Hunters: Peril at the Top of the World in the house and a rave review, I know we will be adding to the collection with the other Trasure Hunters books in the series!