Get Ready – Halloween Is Happening! Candy and a calendar picture

Halloween has been a big topic of conversation lately – and it’s not only about costumes and candy! As our country continues to see COVID-19 cases, families across the U.S. are trying to figure out how to celebrate Halloween safely without giving up this incredibly fun season. Some are even asking if – *gasp* – Halloween is canceled.

The good news is Halloween is happening!

This Halloween, I’m teaming up with the National Confectioners Association, which represents some of the country’s favorite chocolate and candy companies, to share resources and ideas for celebrating Halloween.

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The Halloween season is going to look a little different, and almost every family and community is going to find creative, fun, and safe ways to celebrate. For some, that may mean trick-or-treating with masks and appropriate social distancing. For others, it might mean staying home and snuggling up with a spooky movie and few Halloween treats. No matter how you celebrate, remember that the Halloween season is so much more than just October 31st. Now’s the time to get creative and find the best way for you and your family to celebrate.

For tips and tricks on how to enjoy the Halloween season creatively and safely, check out the resources the National Confectioners Association has for you on Halloween Central. It’s got great ideas on how to celebrate the season and more information about how confectionery companies are providing candy-lovers with important information about their favorite treats, more options in smaller pack sizes and clear calorie labels on the front of the pack. Halloween Central will continue to grow as Halloween draws closer, so check back often for more updates, tips, and tricks.

The Halloween season is an essential time for people to come together and partake in fun traditions (and delicious treats!) that can still be enjoyed in creative ways over the next few weeks. So, join the festivities and spread the word that Halloween is happening – even if it’s going to look a little different.

Happy Halloween!

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