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I was up a lot last night. Not because of too many things on my mind, but because my oldest daughter was up coughing all night. I knew when she woke up that I would have to worry about whether or not she would go to school. When she woke she had no fever but she had bags under her eyes and looked puny. She had to miss school. She was going to be useless in class. It was the right decision because as soon as we got home, she was asleep in my bed.

Not wanting her to miss more than today, I had to think quickly on how to get her to the doctor. Unfortunately, today is a swamped day for me. I have a client call at 8:30 and meetings at 9:30, 11am and 1pm. Canceling is not an option for at least 2 of them. Then I remembered that I can utilize the Convenient Care Now app! I can call a doctor from my phone, get the help I need and move on with life! 

I don’t care if you are a single mom, a mom of one, a stay at home mom, a working out of the home mom or any other very  busy person, getting kids to the doctor is hard! Convenient Care Now really is a life saver on a day like this! We will be calling as soon as she gets up from her nap and I get home from my meetings! 

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I cannot tell you the number of days I have had to cancel meetings and rearrange my schedule to get a child to the doctor.

Now, with Convenient Care Now, I can talk to a medical provider 24/7. Literally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I don’t have to call, set an appointment, call to cancel because of a teacher meeting I forgot, drive to the doctor, wait more time than I should and then find a pharmacy to fill any prescription. I can talk to a provider and even get a prescription called in to a local New Jersey pharmacy and do it all from the comfort of my home at 2am.

I used the app to try out the service because I am not going to recommend anything I have not tried myself. I downloaded the app on my iPhone, set up an account with my email, name and address and I was off. The app lists the providers available and how many may be ahead of you.

When I have called before for symptoms I was having, I spoke directly with a provider and told them I was doing a marketing call to be completely transparent. It was suggested that I see a doctor in person because sciatic nerve pain really needs to be seen in person, which is the last things I was having issues with. So I asked what was generally helped by this services. He listed some really great things:

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• Bronchitis
• Sinus infection
• Sore throat
• Urinary tract infection
• Vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Fever
• Pinkeye
• Flu
• Sprains and strains
• Cold
• Respiratory infection
• Headache

I want this service to expand and grow and do well. It is perfect for us busy moms who cannot get in to see a doctor. For those of us who want answers at 2am when our child won’t stop vomiting. For those who don’t have transportation to and from a doctor and for those who just moved and may not have a provider yet. There are so many reasons that this is so needed in every community!

In addition, we would all save a little money on our medical bills. You can talk to a doctor on the app for $69. With the code AMWELL25 you can even save 25% off of that! With the average first time visit costing $82 nationwide, this option offers a lower cost visit by far. This is great for those on fixed incomes or living a college lifestyle!

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Add to that the ease of getting common medications called in versus having to go to a doctor visit first and we are stacking up the advantages of Convenient Care Now all over the place!

I really enjoyed being able to log on and talk to someone within minutes without having to leave my house. As a busy mom of three, I would use this service a lot!

How would online medical advice help you in your busy life?