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The holidays are upon us and I am already exhausted! There is just so much to do. Adding shopping, planning and meetings with friends to the list of business meetings, kid’s activities and hoiday parties is taking me out of the house almost 7 days a week. Unforunately, that means that packages on my porch, full mail boxes and any goodies the neighbors may drop off are vulnerable to those who want to take them without asking first. For years now, I have seen the ‘Protected  by Lorex Security‘ stickers on local business doors. So when I looked into cameras for my home, their name stuck out to me. I am now the proud owner these cameras and wanted to share my experience from install to usage.

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I personally think that every homeowner should have a security camera system on their home. Preferably one they can track from their phone. Even if you live in a ‘safe’ neighborhod, knowing what is going on in your home this holiday season just adds a sense of peace. Plus. I can see when my kids get home if I am in my office or see that all the dogs are safe inside when I need them to be. I really like that feeling of knowing I am not a sitting duck. Security cameras are essential for me.

I received the Lorex System for this conversation and was immediately impressed with the weight and sturdiness of the camera units. Others I have seen on the market are metal, but are thin and seem more vulnerable to the elements. Since I need my cameras to be on the outside  am looking for a casing that can handle wind, rain, ice and anything else that might fly by them. I live kind of rurally so you never know what will crawl on it! I can’t have them detaching or breaking because a squirel decided to take a selfie!

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Now, let’s get to the details. Is it easy to install and use?

The short answer is yes. Though, with full disclosure, I did have my handy man install mine when he was here one day. I was busy and needed to get them done. But he said, when he shared the install experiece with me, that they were easy to do. He set up the base unit that connects to the internet in my home that will be used to send me the camera views to my phone.

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He showed me how to recharge the batteries and how to charge right on the camera, without taking the pack out. He also showed me the remote which can help me control the cameras while in the house. This system can also connect to your TV and let you playback your saved segments easily!

I then downloaded the Lorex Cirrus app and waited for my unit to connect. I could not get it to connect, so I did need tech support. But they took over and resolved the connection issue without much input from me. I do like that when I have to call customer support on something I have that I do not have to spend an hour running programs and clicking around. They got into my system and handled it all.

VLorex Security Cameras Up Your Confidence this Holiday Season - screen shot of app showing menu on adayinmotherhood.comLorex Security Cameras Up Your Confidence this Holiday Season - screen shot of app with captured playback video on adayinmotherhood.comNow, as mentioned, I live in a rural area so I did have to call a few more times to edit the software to make sure it could read well in the midst of the trees and power outages that happen here routinely. Now, though, we are up and running and I can see my cameras at home and away!

I like that I can see the camera live and that I can replay segments that record for me if I need them! I get motion detection notices from my phone and I know exactly what is happening. I do get a lot from the dogs moving but I kind of like knowing that they are scurrying around and playing in the house!

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This holiday season, be sure that in the awareness of securing your credit card info, packages in your car and keeping your kids from breaking things you can’t afford, add Lorex Security cameras to your list! Trust me, that added level of security is necessary to truly enjoy the holiday season!

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