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My name is Katie. I am 7 and I love to read. Every once in a while, my mom lets me get online and pick some books that I want for my library. It is hard to wait for them to come in the mail, but when the box gets here it is SO much fun to open!

Ivy & Bean box set

This week, mom let me pick some books as long as I did not spend more than $15. I searched, with her help, Amazon and found some characters I have read from my library. Ivy and Bean are sooo fun. I love their friendship and the stories they tell are so cool.

So, my mom ordered the Ivy & Bean’s Secret Treasure Box (Books 1-3) and they should be here with my free shipping (mom needed some paper towels and the order totaled over $35 for Free Shipping) in a few days. When they do get here, I am sure I will sit and read them all on one sitting.

Then I will pass them to my sister, Sarah, who is starting to read really well too. When we are done with them, we will probably donate them to the local shelter.  So go tell your mom that you want to order some books and check out the Ivy & Bean collection. I bet you will love it if you are around age 7 like me!

What books and characters do you love?

By Katie, Age 7



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