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Kid's Book of the Month: Jacky Ha-Ha by James Patterson #hahaBookClub ad

A while ago my oldest daughter came to me and told me that she wanted to do a Kid’s Book of the Month Club on ADayinMotherhood.com. She thought that it would be a great way to find new books and to share her opinion of them for other kids to see. I thought it was a brilliant idea and though I have been slow to get it started, I am excited to announce the inaugural post! Katie picked her newest, ‘I can not put it down!‘, novel to kick off the effort!  Jacky Ha-Ha by James Patterson is one of the best books she says she has ever read! This #1 New Release went to the top of the book chain in this house the moment it arrived.

The recommended age range for this book is 10 – 14. But if you have avid readers like me, as low as the age of 8 might enjoy it!

Kid's Book of the Month: Jacky Ha-Ha by James Patterson #hahaBookClub ad

A story told by a mom to her daughter, she talks of growing up in the 90’s as a 12 year old girl with 6 sisters. She is the class clown who wanted to reinvent herself as a serious student in middle school, she ends up falling right back into her jokester personality. With a stutter that leads to the name Jacky Ha-Ha she chooses distribution and trying to get a laugh in class which leads to more detentions than smiles. When Mrs. O’Mara, a new English teacher, starts to teach her that she is more than a laugh, she starts to blossom and realize that she is so much more!

Listen to my 9 year old talk about the book!

With a character that is dealing with a mom off at Operation Desert Shield and a dad who is rarely home, Jacky Ha-Ha finds herself taking care of her 6 sisters and managing a house alone. This, paired with her need to get attention by being class clown, takes readers on a journey that won’t soon be forgotten!

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This is a great book for moms and daughter’s to read together. Since the story is told by a mom to her little girls about her childhood, it gives a common ground for me to bond with my girls, too! In fact, this book has inspired the first book club for kids and their moms! Now it is the kickoff book for our Kids Book of the Month Club, too!

Get your copy of Jacky Ha-Ha on Amazon, at your local book store or at your local retailer with a book section. You, and your kids, will soon see why it is becoming THE book for kids ages 8-14 to have!