Welcome to  a magical kingdom where glowing crystals and imaginary evil characters, like the Red and Orange Sapphire princess, help two lost kids find their way through their fears and back to their true hearts.

Even though Chrystallia and the Source of Light is a book for the tween and young teen generation, I actually enjoyed reading it.  It is an easy read with fun plot twists and life lessons taught through creativity!

Lines like, “A universe, a cosmos of a zillion twinkeling lights exploded in a dark void around us, and I prayed that I was still dreaming.” draw the attention of the reader and create a juvenile novel that your child would be hard pressed to put down!

The imagination that P.M. Glaser is vast and the language that he uses to describe the journey of hope that the two children, Maggie (13) and Jesse (9), go on, is clever and thought provoking.

This book reminds me of the novels I used to read as a young girl.  Entrancing books that transformed my bedroom into a magical kingdom with good guys, bad guys, adventures that made my heart race and an ending that made me feel good!  Books that I read over and over and again and discovered something new in every time.

If you want to take your children on a journey where they learn that conquering their fears can lead them on the path to understanding themselves better, then head over to Amazon and pick up a copy of Chrystallia and The Source of Light, on sale now for only $12.91.  You can also download it to your Kindle as an eBook!

Learn more about the magical world that P.M. Glaser created on his webpage!

**I received this book for review purposes only.  100% of the writings and opinions are mine.  Please see my Diclosures Page for more information.**