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Every day, 160,000 kids stay home from school to avoid bullying. That is a completely unacceptable stat. Dr. Dan and Bli Dugi think so too. So they created The Principle Gang. A book series that is geared towards reiterating the things we parent’s try to teach our kids. Values like friendship, community and fairness. All qualities that can help both those who are bullied and those that bully understand that there are better ways to behave.

The Principal Gang Children's Book Series Review & Giveaway #GiftGuide2014

There are No Bullies Allowed in The Principle Gang, a new 6-book series that teaches three important anti-bullying lessons: 1) Don’t be mean, 2) Tell your teacher, and 3) Be a friend. Questions at the end of each book encourage kids, parents and caregivers to engage in thought-provoking conversations about family, friendship, community and fairness.

As a mom of three girls, I LOVE this message. My oldest, Katie, came to me a while back and told me she wanted to start an anti-bullying club at school. I handed her these books and now she is more passionate as ever about it. In fact, The Dugi’s started the Elementary program ‘No Bullies Allowed‘ and schools that sign up get a PG No Bullied Allowed Starter kit!

In The Principal Gang book series, children are asked to take an oath promising to respect and encourage others. They are also learning valuable lessons and principals to help them stay on the right track and treat people well.

My girls love these books and I am planning to get the other four in the series. They are colorful, well written and the kids don’t even realize that they are teaching lessons. They just think they are super fun books and want to take action to stop bullying.

The Principal Gang Children's Book Series Review & Giveaway #GiftGuide2014

Since 30% of children who have been bullied admit to bringing a weapon to school, it is time we stop this epidemic. The younger we teach our kids the better! So if you have a child, start collecting The Principal Gang to help you start the conversation about how treating others well and accepting people for who they are can make life a little better!

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