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Every film needs a sidekick. A sidekick that loves Cricket, is deep into the throws of raising two year old twins and one that makes you smile when he is on film. AASIF MANDVI is that sidekick. A partner in the agency that Jon Hamm’s character plays, Aasif is comic relief, a sounding board and endearing to watch. He is the voice of reason that Hamm gets to ignore.

AASIF MANDVI in Million Dollar Arm #MillionDollarArmEvent

We had a chance to sit down with AASIF MANDVI while at the El Capitain Theater for the green carpet premier of Million Dollar Arm. From the unique experience of filming in India to acting with two toddlers – who hate him, Mandvi claimed – he talked candidly about a film he is proud to be a part of.

I liked the way your Character was the funny man next to Jon Hamm’s straight man. Was that what attracted you to the character or what was it that made you want to do this Film?

I think that he’s funny but he’s also the the grounding character. He’s the one that sort of is the counter point to Jon Hamm’s sort of Playboy Lothario Character.  I like that aspect of it. I also feel like it was an interesting Character to see as a South Asian Sports Agent because I don’t know any. I’m sure there are but it was sort of an interesting character to play somebody I never played before so I felt that was kind of fun.  And then I got to work with Jon Hamm every day who is dreamy so…

AASIF MANDVI in Million Dollar Arm #MillionDollarArmEvent

What was it like working with the babies?

They had two sets of twins. So it wasn’t the same, but you can’t tell because they’re Indian and probably look alike.  But if you watch closely, you see that they’re actually two sets of different twins. The Twins that I’m feeding in the kitchen are not the same twins that I’m holding on the Porch.  The piece de resistance is that on the porch, though. The kids were – again – crying and I’m supposed to be holding them. The kid is literally screaming for his Mother. He’s just like, I don’t care about your stupid movie, I want to be with my Mom. Finally I have to like say to Craig, I can’t do this anymore. This kid is like… there’s snot coming out of him and he’s crying. He’s just a mess. Craig said listen we’ve got to get this shot, OK? We need this shot. I don’t care how much, Just let the kid cry. I don’t care. Just grab him, walk out onto the porch, we get the shot, we’re done. We’re out of here. So I’m like Fine, OK. So they roll action, I grab this kid, it’s like pulling cheese off a pizza. Literally I grab this kid. He’s holding on to me, the hair, the thing, and I grab him.  Come on, come on Sweetie, I say. We go running on to the Porch and I’m standing there getting the shot. I’m shaking him and then suddenly he looks at me and just puked. It’s just all over my clothes. And twice, he did it twice. And it is in the movie that way.

Million Dollar Arm is in theaters now and is a feel good movie about an unorthodox family accomplishing an impossible dream. Be sure to take your kids… they will love it too!

Million Dollar Arm #MillionDollarArm

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