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The last baseball movie I saw was Field of Dreams. While we all learned that ‘if you build it, they will come’, it was not a movie that has impacted my life. I am just not a sports movie kind of girl. But if you think it, understand it, create it and show it… a story with life affirming affects, a movie that takes the cynicism out of hope, a movie that makes you stop and want to watch again because you truly want to learn the whole story… then Million Dollar Arm will be the movie you will want to see.

Million Dollar Arm #MillionDollarArmEvent

Million Dollar Arm is not a baseball movie. Sure, Baseball is the underlying achievement but the journey is what makes this movie stand out as something truly unique. Based on the true story of a sports agent who is trying to save his company by finding the next big athlete, Million Dollar Arm follows his trip to the untapped market of India. As J.B. Berstein (played by Jon Hamm) hosts a contest, the sons from the villages that don’t know what dreams are, come to throw for a chance at something they don’t even understand.

Million Dollar Arm #MillionDollarArmEvent

Jon Hamm gives an inspiring performance as the agent. Willing to take any deal to keep his failing agency afloat, he tries his best to be original. While researching the untapped sports markets of the world, and while learning a little about Cribbage, he stumbles upon India. Boys from homes with dirt floors and families with more children than glasses, are given the chance to be baseball stars in America. As he learns more lessons about the boys who come back with him than they learn from him, we see his transformation from a loner with an addiction to models to a man with an unusual, but very amazing family.

Million Dollar Arm #MillionDollarArmEvent

I did not expect to like this movie. I thought I would get something from it that I could tell you about and know that I was being authentic. But I did not expect to really want you to go experience this movie too. I did not expect to be moved to tears, to smile cheek to cheek and to want to see it again almost immediately.

On  May 16, 2014 – surprise yourself too. Take your friends and your family and see a movie that will make everyone believe in dreams again!

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