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My MOANA review is here and it is in theaters now. See it in a Dolby Cinema at AMC

This MOANA review was going to be written differently. I wrote it in my head while leaving the ultra comfortable, totally enthralling Dolby Cinema at AMC. “Another Disney hit.’ ‘ A must see for families.’ Totally a ‘blogger’ viewpoint. While that is all true, I have had time to marinate on the movie for a little while. More time to think of it as a real mom, deciding if it is worth spending my money on for my kids. Truth be told, this movie deserves more than a MOANA review like all the others. So. Much. More. As a mom to three girls, I would be doing it a disservice with the typical, placating wordage that does not help us really decide if it is right for our family.

Moana is best seen in a Dolby Cinema at AMC! Read my MOANA review.

The truth is I didn’t know if the girls and I would like this film. The previews looked amazing but only my 10 year old saw one and wanted to see it. My 7 year old said it looked scary and my 9 year old said she didn’t want to see another ‘princess’ movie. But when I told them that we would be watching it at a Dolby Cinema at AMC, they all wanted to go. They remembered the seats that moved and shook with the movie, the ability to recline with their feet up and the large arm rests with cup holders that made them able to snack easily. They knew that the screen would be huge, the color and clarity amazing and the sound would be penetrating. OK, maybe I remembered those last things and reminded them but still. This theater alone makes any movie an adventure to go see.

We got to the theater, bought our snacks, relaxed in our reclined seats and got ready for MOANA. During the previews we were reminded of how cool the seats were. Then the opening credits started and we watched. Intensely. With awe. Emotion. Interest.

This film is not at all what I expected. Not even a little bit. This film is special. The imagery alone makes it incredibly difficult to turn away from. The soundtrack makes it impossible not to sing along to. The story line has twist and turns that are somewhat unexpected in a Disney film.

My kids love any movie that is playing at Dolby Cinema at AMC! See my MOANA review

There is a heroin. We expect that. There is a hero, though he is more of a comedian than a typical Disney leading man. That too leads to an interesting plot. There is a story of overcoming that we all want to believe in. But the heroine is not what you would expect. She is complicated, strong, determined and carries herself with great pride. The hero is unusual but charming and absolutely hysterical. Seriously, if you don’t laugh at the ‘Tweet’ line, your funny bone is broken.

MOANA is a funny, interesting and enchanting film that has a lot of unexpected flair! Read more of my MOANA Review

MOANA’S MISSION — Maui (voice of Dwayne Johnson) may be a demigod—half god, half mortal, all awesome—but he’s no match for Moana (voice of Auli‘i Cravalho), who’s determined to sail out on a daring mission to save her people. Moana’s first challenge is convincing Maui to join her. Directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, produced by Osnat Shurer, and featuring music by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mark Mancina and Opetaia Foa‘i, “Moana” sails into U.S. theaters on Nov. 23, 2016. ©2016 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

But what I really, really loved about this Disney movie is that the heroine is not chasing the hero as a love interest. She is chasing him to save her people. She is chasing him to fulfill her purpose. She is chasing him to restore the heart of something that was once beautiful with it that turned ugly without it. She is chasing him and making him see that his decisions have consequences far beyond the demigod ego he lives in.

She is chasing him and in turn, finds herself.

The story of MOANA starts with a connection to family that we all can relate to. Read more in my MOANA Review

MOANA – (Pictured) Grandma Tala and Moana. ©2016 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

Part of the unique charm of this movie is it’s non-princess, non damsel in distress story that shows my three girls that the strength of anything in life lies within them. They they can do anything they want as long as they are doing it for the right reasons.

Aside from the absolutely gorgeous movie that shows clearly on the Dolby Cinema at AMC screen, the little nuances made a real impact. There were parts of the movie where I actually caught myself smiling and parts that had me saying, ‘Wow, that is brilliant.’ There are parts that I know were made better simply by being at Dolby Cinema at AMC and feeling the impact of the film in my very seat.

This is a movie you will want to see. Even without kids, this is a movie adult will get into. Sing with. Be amazed by.

The 'sidekicks' are a perfect addition to an already wonderful MOANA story line! My MOANA Review is up!

MOANA – (Pictured) Pua and Hei Hei ©2016 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

When we left my oldest was even more in love.  My 7 year old said it did not scare her at all and she already wanted to see it again. My 9 year old said it was ‘SO COOL’ and she wanted to immediately go find an ocean to take a boat out on!

This is one of the good ones from Disney. One of the ones that will last. One of the ones that will start conversations that last. It is deserving of a great MOANA review. We real moms can feel good about taking our kids to this one.

It is, in fact, a must see.