I received Finding Dory in exchange for this review. Finding Dory Jello Cups and opinions are all the 100% honest thoughts of Adelina from Home Maid Simple.

Earlier this year, we took a rare day and went to the theaters to see Finding Dory. With 4 kids, the theater is not something we can afford on a regular basis. That, however, makes it an extra special treat for a movie we are all excited about seeing. It didn’t feel all that long ago that we saw it, and now Finding Dory is coming to Blu-Ray and DVD!

Watch Finding Dory with these Finding Dory Jello Cups

We first met Dory in Finding Nemo. The fish with the short-term memory loss immediately garnered the love of audiences around the world. Well, she grabbed my heart strings at least. As Marlin suffering the ultimate loss of his child, he turns his back on a faithful, albeit forgetful friend, we truly see the suffering that Dory is also going through.

I don’t know about you, but I think I felt for Dory more than Marlin. Is it possible because as the viewer we knew that Nemo was OK – most likely. Perhaps I also felt similar to Dory. Sometimes I just forget things. I don’t mean to miss my friends and families birthdays, or anniversaries, or other special days. I just, sometimes, forget.

Reconnect with your favorite family of fish with these Finding Dory Jello Cups. ad

Then along came Finding Dory. Dory is living happily with her adopted clownfish family, and because of the consistency in her life, she starts remembering more. It’s the amazing effect Marlin had on her in the first movie, and it keeps growing. Dory has remembered her real family. A mom and dad who must have loved her. What happened to them? Where are they? Could it be all Dory’s fault due to her memory loss?

Answers I’m not going to share with you because I want you to go watch this movie. Full of forgiveness, and love, and without a doubt loads of hilarity, I think you’ll enjoy this movie too.  To celebrate the movie’s release I came up with these fun Finding Dory Jello Cups featuring Dory, and her new friend Hank.

Finding Dory Jello cups featuring Dory and new friend Hank. ad

I’m all about the simple here, so anyone can make these! Yes, even you uncrafty folk. Pick up some blue and orange jello from your local store. I got lucky and found some Finding Dory Jello for the blue cups. Then grab some large sixlet candies – usually found in the baking section with the sprinkles – and some yellow and orange cardstock.

Make the jello according to the package directions, and pour into clear plastic cups. Set in the fridge for about an hour, and then add the sixlet candies for eyes and let it finish setting up in the fridge. In the meantime, cut out 2-3inch strips of orange cardstock and 1inch triangles from the yellow. Using a glue stick, attach 2 yellow fins to each of your blue jello cups. Add 7 orange strips, curled at the ends to your orange cups.

Finding Dory Jello Cups. ad

Voila! You now have the easiest Finding Dory Jello Cups to snack on while watching this family fun movie tomorrow night – November 15th – when it comes out, or this weekend if you’re a weekend movie family like us.