Beauty and the Beast toys are a huge hit!

There is one movie that my kids want to see that they cannot stop talking about. I think we all know that Beauty and the Beast is coming to theaters March 17, 2017. Starring Emma Watson, the movie posters and the trailer alone will draw you in to the film. I love Belle and her inspiring spirit, accepting ways and ability to see through exterior features. These are all qualities I want to promote in my daughters as well. So when I learned that Disney and Toys”R”Us were coming out with Interactive Beauty and the Beast Toys, I knew that they would help my girls not only interact and act out scenes together but they could start a conversation which could lead to aiding in their self-confidence, too!

Watch them fight over the Beauty and the Beast toys set

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The Beast in the Beauty and the Beast Toys set is detailed

We received the NEW Disney Beauty and the Beast Grand Romance – Belle and Beast and the Disney Beauty and the Beast Belle Red Dress/Cape Doll – Brunette and instantly fell in love. The Beast is my oldest’s favorite with his intricately detailed face and satin outfit. His legs and arms move and his head has a soft, fur like feel which makes him even more special.

My oldest thinks Beast of the Beauty and the Beast toys is the best!

My youngest took Belle and instantly started acting out dancing with the Beast. She is clothed in her iconic yellow ball gown and her brown hair flows down her back.

Belle in the Beauty and the Beast toys is a favorite

My middle daughter claimed Baby Belle and she is already on her first trip to Disney World with us this week!  Her large features, hair that flows and never seems to end and her cape over her pretty dress make her an instant hit with any child!

Baby Belle is a fun interactive Beauty and the Beast toys favorite!

My favorite thing about interactive toys that highlight movies that my kids will love is that they aid in play and imagination. These dolls from Toys“R”Us are no exception. As I said, two of them had already flown on a plane and starred in their own shows in the hotel room at Disney World! Anything that gets my kids more involved in play and acting out their own stories is a win for me!

Let them imagine and play with Beauty and the Beast Toys

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Which of Belle’s characteristics do you think is most empowering to young girls?


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