Teachers work tirelessly as they deal with our kids, us and their administrators.  It seems that there are just never enough “Thank You” messages in the world for teachers.  As the Holidays approach, we have put together a list of the Top 10 Teacher Gifts Under $10! Here are some perfect gifts to say “Thank You and Happy Holidays” to the special men and women who are diligently working to shape the brains of tomorrow.  My son’s teacher is a real gem! She never fails to boost his confidence in front of us; and we want her to know that we think she is very special.  We hope that you can use some of these great ideas for the special people in your life!

Apple Butter Crock Pot Recipe

Apple Butter in the Crock Pot is an awesome way to make a lot of great gifts for less. Our own Heather K created these Apple butter Jars with ease!

Banana Bread Jars, also  from our very own Heather K at A Day in Motherhood, whipped up some super cute banana bread in jars, ready for every person on your extended list this year!

 S’mores Gift Set   – This is darling, setting up a sweet encounter with a s’mores gift set and possibly some hot cocoa for that long holiday break sounds simply delectable!

Penny Candy Jar with Lid and a Favorite Candy  – You can find a penny candy jar on for $5.96 and just fill it with gumballs, chocolate, gummy bears or anything they might enjoy!

Jute Wrapped Monogram Wreath from Two Twenty One.  This is such a great craft idea for anyone on your holiday list! Using simple paper mache letters, there are endless possibilities! You could even wrap an S with red, black center and silver buckle for Santa!!


Spa in a Jar is a great idea from! Nail polish, cotton balls, emery boards, travel size (shampoo, body wash, conditioner, spray), buff sponge, wash cloth and some cute ribbon… This is a fantastic idea for many occasions!

Homemade Vanilla from A Day in Motherhood offers that sweet, delicate aroma with burst of lovely flavor to any special dish this holiday season! This is a wonderful gift idea that everyone can use.

Personalized Stationery using child’s artwork. This idea might be the most original, greatest idea I have ever come across from!

Potted flowering Plant such as the Blue Waling Iris Plant. There is something about nature that can brighten the classroom or home to make you feel all warm and cozy!

A Candy Bouquet never goes out of style! Use a vase and fill with individually wrapped candies, tape miniature candies, chocolates and candy canes to straws to create a gift that any chocolate/candy lover will enjoy all through the holidays!

Whatever you decide to do from the heart is perfect no matter how much money you spent! It is the thought that means the world to someone :)

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