That’s right, National Awkward Moments Day is a thing, and it happens to be today. We all have our awkward moments. Perhaps we’ve all had a whole awkward stage of life too…surely I’m not alone in that.

To celebrate this day, let’s take a look across the world wide web at some awkward moments that people willing shared!

We all have them. It's time to share your awkward moments with the world.

Let’s start right here on A Day In Motherhood. Lori is great about sharing her whole life with us. Sometimes sharing the awkward moments is what keeps us sane in an otherwise insane situation. Like when our kids start to say things they probably shouldn’t – it’s probably best just to laugh.

Being a parent is basically asking for a life of awkward moments. To navigate through some of the more awkward moments you are bound to face as a parent, Red Tricycle has put together this handy guide to parenting etiquette in awkward moments.

Kids aren’t the only ones to embarrass us though. Sometimes, it’s the job of the parents to cause the awkwardness. Take Pudding Pie Lane for instance. She shares how awkward it was when her Dad started a blog that was all about her. Eek. You can read all about that along with a recipe for Pork Fritters on her blog.

Finally, when you take kids and parents out of the mix, we’re pretty good at humiliating ourselves. Word To Your Mother isn’t afraid of sharing her Freudian Slips, even when they involve mother-in-laws. Of course as bloggers we have plenty of awkward moments in public when we need to get photos for the blog. Fellow bloggers I know you can relate to Ask Away as she promises her neighbors she’s not vain out there taking pictures of her outfits daily.

Sometimes, we may even want to intentionally have an awkward moment. I believe it helps us grow and learn, don’t you? When I turned 30, I reached out on Facebook for a list of 30 random things I should do before my birthday. While some were easy peasy, there were others that were definitely awkward.

So what’s your story? Share your awkward moment with us, or on Facebook! Let’s all laugh together, instead of at each other today.