The warmer weather is finally making it’s way around  – at least we hope it is – just in time for National Bike Month.

What do you need to celebrate National Bike Month

Ah biking, the joy of pedaling your legs as fast as you can, to see how far you can make the simple machine go. When I was a kid, biking was my least favorite outdoor activity. After skidding through gravel, rolling over the handlebars, and cringing every time a car passed – I decided the sport just wasn’t for me.

I tried again as a teen, only this time in the mountains. Definitely not my finest moment.

Finally as an adult, with the right motivation and support, I’ve found myself back on a bike, and truly enjoying the rides we take as a family around our neighborhood. National Bike Month has become a month for me not just celebrating the sport of pedal pushing, but of overcoming an obstacle. Turning something un-enjoyable into something fun.

Are you ready to celebrate National Bike Month? Whether as a family or by yourself, you’ll find lots of resources to get this month in gear, because no one wants to go on just a simple bike ride.

National Bike Month

Biking Basics for Bike Month

To get started, it might be good to read up on National Bike Month, why it was created, and who sponsors it. Ever Change Productions shares some of the history along with 10 Benefits to celebrating this month.

Now you know why you should celebrate bike month, you need to have the right gear! Mom Trends has an in depth article on what you need for every member of your family. From the babies to the grown-ups, you’ll learn what to look for in bikes as the kids grow.

You now have a bike for everyone in the family, let’s talk about safety! One of my biggest concerns when the kids want to go riding, is how safe they will be. Mom Less Mom shares an infographic on the top 4 safety rules to follow when riding bikes. Print it out, and go over it with the family every time the bikes come out.

Last but definitely something you’ll want to consider when joining the cycling world, is bike maintenance. It would be unrealistic to buy a new bike every time a tire went flat, or a chain fell off. Unless you’re a millionaire, then please send some my way. Instead, check out these 10 bike maintenance videos from Yes Cycling!

Get out and Bike!

Get Out and Bike

Well, we now have our bikes, we’re ready to be safe, and when it needs any maintenance, we’ve got that covered too! Now it’s time to get out there and enjoy cycling. One great way to celebrate National Bike Month, would be to cycle to work. You can find a beginners guide to that over at Spark People.

If like me, your go to exercise is running, these cycling workouts for runners from Runners Blueprint will be very handy. As I am currently nursing a knee injury, this might just be the answer I need to keep moving this month.

Finally, if biking just really isn’t your thing, you can still celebrate this month with us. Buy your biking friends one of these cool gifts from Bored Panda. With 70 ideas to choose from, there will be something for everyone.

Happy National Biking Month!