A sense of humor is one of those things that you hope your kids get.  No one likes the kid who can’t crack a joke – its just awkward to be around them.  Unless they invent something cool – like Windows – then you excuse them.  It’s only fair. 

And though my husband often says the absolute funniest things in the family; “What do you do all day?”; “Can’t you get these kids under control?”; I get the biggest laughs from my kids.  And it’s not exclusive to what they say.  Because, let’s face it – when they kids repeat “Mommy needs Prozac.” – it’s only really cute and sweet sounding once. After that it’s just tattling and that’s no fun. 

So on a daily basis, I do laugh.  Generally at just “cute” things but sometimes at the actual comic genius that is displayed just for my entertainment.

“Mommy, can you put the damned dog outside.”  Precious.

“Daddy, if you don’t stop I will spank your little butt!”  Adorable.

“Sarah, leave me alone.  Can’t I get FIVE minutes?”  Hysterical.

And though some might find this kind of talk offensive and unacceptable for three children under four, I find it sends me into side splitting laughter for hours on end.  Really, these kids are the best toys I ever had. 

I actually wake up every day looking forward to my children running around the house buck naked even though I have properly dressed them for a day of play.  And when I attempt to chase them down and they run away from me yelling through the house “I’m nakey butt!  I’m nakey butt!” I just have to stop and fall to the floor, laughing so hard that my incontinence shows. 

A favorite side show act they display is “Let’s trash the room!”  When Mom comes in, we’ll fling a toy and whack her in the face.  In her stunned appreciation of our latest cuteness, she will laugh a hearty laugh and we anticipate requests to perform this act over and over again. 

I actually like to take my children out in public so that they can display their talents for all to see.  I secretly hope they will be discovered, get their own show and I can live the high life.  Showers, a warm meal.  The high life! 

I try to take them out in public so that others can discover and enjoy their talents.  People do seem entertained by them.  There is nothing more exciting than a three year old screaming “I want that!” while a two year old screams “I want out of da caaaart!” and a baby wails “Mamamamamama!” while you are out trying to have a peaceful day running errands.  I, for one, seek out other Mother’s with small children just so that I may earn my chuckle of the day from their kids. 

So, yes, I laugh often during the day.  Inside or out, in public or at home.  These children are the comedians of our time!

And really, it’s therapeutic.  Because as long as I can laugh my way through the day, I will not have to use my free pass to the Betty Ford Clinic.