There are few things that I enjoy more than filling my house with the smell of homemade banana bread! And as a bonus, I’m baking them in jars and plan to give them to the teachers for a simple “Happy Holidays” gift. It is a super simple baking craft that I love to create and so yummy!  I mean, how fun is creating Banana Bread Jars to use as Gifts?

Banana Bread Jars

See the simple recipe and directions below. Note that I used my Homemade Vanilla Recipe in this too!

Banana Bread Jars

Once you take them out, put the lids on right away, after a few minutes you will hear them pop! They are sealed. I have let them sit as long as 3 weeks and they were still great!

You can get the mason jars with lids for these online or at your local grocery store. And the Gluten Free Flour is at most stores now.

I can think of so many ways that these would make the perfect gifts. Neighbors would love these fun and festive jars. Teachers, of course, co workers and even family would love them as an addition to any gift. Let kids help you, too!

Let them mix the ingredients, pour it into the jars and even help decorate the jars!

Banana Bread Jars as Gifts

Use Chalkboard Paint to create custom and fun labels and a variety of ribbon to make each unique!

You can even change up the recipe a little. Add chocolate chips, different nuts, dried cranberries and even marshmallows to make the Banana Bread Jars you deliver extra special.

How do you create the perfect gift in your kitchen for your Holiday’s? Each of these jars, totally assembled, cost less than $10 each but the memory of the one receiving them will last a lifetime!

Banana Bread Jars as Gifts

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