Apple Butter is one of those wonderful additions to breads and other goodies that just make them that much better. But if you look at the ingredients in store, it can be a little unsettling to put that into your body. No matter how good it tastes! So, I decided to create my own Apple Butter Crock Pot Recipe and use it as an add to teacher gifts! I could pair it with my Banana Bread Jars and have a really unique gift everyone would love. 

Apple Butter Crock Pot Recipe

By making Apple Butter at home, I can control the ingredients – and pronounce them all – and I love that. Plus I feel like though I put in little effort, I get a big effort type of gift. And since I created this in my Crock Pot, I can set it and forget it.

Apple Butter Crock Pot Recipe

I love making great gifts like this. Not only can I make a more natural recipe for my family, but I can create a myriad of gifts for friends, families and teachers. I love finding fun and creative jars to put the Apple Butter in. You can tie a seasonal ribbon around the neck cover the top with burlap pieces for a rustic look and even add some fun fake sprigs for more impact.

Use chalkboard paint or fun labels to make each one unique for that special person. There are so many ways to dress this up. But the most important thing is that is tastes good! And I have to say, it really does. It is creamy and delicious and I love adding it to everything from fruit to breads.

Apple Butter Crock Pot Recipe

Creating Crock Pot Recipes is a favorite thing I do. What would you like to see me create? How do you cook for the holidays and what recipes do you turn into amazing Holiday Gifts? We would love to see links and ideas in our comments section!

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