Let Their Imagination Soar with Wild Animals from Schleich Figurines

**This post about how to Let their Imagination Soar is brought to you by Schleich. All opinions are my own.**  #ILikeSchleich #schleich     My kids are on their last day of Spring Break. They spent most of it with their dad but now are home with one more day to go. Unfortunately, I have to work [...]

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Stuff those Stockings with World’s Smallest Toys from Super Impulse + Giveaway

*I received World's Smallest toys from Super Impulse for review. All opinions are my own.* Opening the package from Super Impulse took me a step back in time. Pieces from my childhood that will always remain in my memories are now becoming a part of my children's day to day play. As I opened up [...]

WIN a Prize Pack of Toys/DVDS for Gwen Stefani’s Kuu Kuu Harajuku

**This conversation is sponsored by Gwen Stefani's Kuu Kuu Harajuku. All opinions are my own.** #ad  We already know that Gwen Stafani is a creative, talented woman. We have seen her from the days of No Doubt build her brand to now coaching on The Voice. Now she has entered the kid's TV realm with Kuu Kuu [...]

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Apple Pumpkin Spice GoGo SqueeZ for a Happy Halloween

**I received GoGo SqueeZ for review. All opinions are my own.** My lawn is covered in leaves, and the temperatures have dropped to where hot cocoa and apple cider are socially acceptable. So is pumpkin spice. Not that these flavors shouldn't be enjoyed year-round - hiding in a closet, stored in a secret stash - [...]

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Enjoy Life with Baby in Tow thanks to HearMuffs™

**Lucid Audio provided HearMuffs for review. All opinions are my own.** Before kids you may have lived life doing whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted. After kids, suddenly bedtime became important and crowded and loud events became a thing of the past. No longer with Hearmuffs from Lucid Audio! I remember the first time I [...]

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