The Best Earphones for Kids, Hands Down, are CozyPhones+ WIN a Pair

**This review about The Best Earphones for Kids is brought to you by CozyPhones. All opinions are my own.** I, personally, am so glad that they make CozyPhones for adults, too. After watching my kids go crazy over them I want some too! These are, by far, the best earphones for kids! They are colorful, [...]

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Sleep Better with the Comfort of a Weighted Blanket from Weighting Comforts and WIN ONE, too!

**This conversation is brought to you by Weighting Comforts and their weighted blanket. All opinions are my own.**  AD Sleep is precious. It is probably the best thing I can do for myself. Health wise, energy wise and sanity wise, sleep helps me recharge for my busy life. But, let's face it, we all have [...]

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Impress Him with a Unique Gift from Royal Decanters + WIN a Decanter for Father’s Day

**This conversation is brought to you by Royal Decanters. This post is intended for readers who are 21+. All opinions are my own.** #royaldecanters #whiskeydecanters #dadgifts #giftsforhim AD I have to admit, shopping for men is not my forte. Back when I was married I could just get my ex a case of beer and he would have [...]

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Let Their Imagination Soar with Wild Animals from Schleich Figurines

**This post about how to Let their Imagination Soar is brought to you by Schleich. All opinions are my own.**  #ILikeSchleich #schleich     My kids are on their last day of Spring Break. They spent most of it with their dad but now are home with one more day to go. Unfortunately, I have to work [...]

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