Sports Fans Get Excited over Home Fields Stadium Replicas + SAVE 10% with My Code

This partnership with Home Fields Stadium Replicas is brought to you by the company. All opinions are my own. AD Save 10% off Home Field Stadium Replicas with code LORI My beloved Texans are impressing me this year. An avid fan since the franchise started in Houston, they have had some real struggles over the years. [...]

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The Best Earphones for Kids, Hands Down, are CozyPhones+ WIN a Pair

**This review about The Best Earphones for Kids is brought to you by CozyPhones. All opinions are my own.** I, personally, am so glad that they make CozyPhones for adults, too. After watching my kids go crazy over them I want some too! These are, by far, the best earphones for kids! They are colorful, [...]

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Sleep Better with the Comfort of a Weighted Blanket from Weighting Comforts and WIN ONE, too!

**This conversation is brought to you by Weighting Comforts and their weighted blanket. All opinions are my own.**  AD Sleep is precious. It is probably the best thing I can do for myself. Health wise, energy wise and sanity wise, sleep helps me recharge for my busy life. But, let's face it, we all have [...]

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Impress Him with a Unique Gift from Royal Decanters + WIN a Decanter for Father’s Day

**This conversation is brought to you by Royal Decanters. This post is intended for readers who are 21+. All opinions are my own.** #royaldecanters #whiskeydecanters #dadgifts #giftsforhim AD I have to admit, shopping for men is not my forte. Back when I was married I could just get my ex a case of beer and he would have [...]

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