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There are those (MANY) nights where I am so exhausted from my crazy day of kids, work, and pets that I don’t even remember hitting the pillow. All of my days seem to be super crazy lately, actually. Recovering from illness, I have not been getting much sleep. But I know that only a great night’s sleep can help to heal me and get me back on my feet! What I sleep on matters too! My new new SensorPEDIC® Ultra Comfort pillows make me happy!

Pillows that the whole family had to have - cuddles

These pillows are hyperallergenic, which matters to me. They are better for me, the kids, and even the dogs who like to curl up on them too!

The SensorPEDIC® Ultra Comfort pillow is made of a memory foam with iCool technology. This really helps to keep my face and head cool in the heat of the summer!  The last thing I want to do is wake up sweating all over my pillow!

Pillows that the whole family had to have - package

These are high quality pillows meant to last. The 500 thread count TENCEL fabric cover adds luxury while reducing the formation of bacteria. It also enhances coolness and moisture-wicking properties.

Pillows that the whole family had to have - smiles

The SensorPEDIC ultra comfort pillows are the only pillows that we have had that have not lost their shape or comfort. The memory foam bounces back quickly. Even if I move around at night, I can feel the reshaping to support my head.

My children say these are the best pillows ‘ever mom’ and I might just have to agree!

Get these cooling, memory foam pillows that will only enhance the quality of sleep at JCPenny!  They have the selection you need for your whole family!

Do you love your pillow?