**This conversation is brought to you by the products listed below. I received some for my honest review.**

It is H O T with a capital OH MY GOSH IT’S HOT OUTSIDE! I live in Texas so that hot that melts your skin is slated to last at least another 2 months. But, the temps will lower eventually and I love having products in my home that I can use for all of the seasons of the year! These 6 Dog Days of Summer Must Haves that will make any get together better. Check out some of the amazing products below!


I have to be honest: this is a NEW FAVE!! I have a party coming up and I can’t wait to serve my boxed wine in the Wine Nook! This super cute serving case lets you add your favorite box wine and dress up your table-scape all at once! Grab the girlfriends and the party excuses and pull it out whenever you meet up!

Thanks to two artists who know it’s always 5:00 somewhere, boxed wine presentation is getting a makeover with their creation of the Wine NookⓇ. It’s the beautiful and functional way to serve boxed wine and did we mention it can be personalized as well? Each Wine NookⓇ holds 3 liter bags of wine, or another beverage of your choice in an upright position for easy dispensing.


Finally, summer is in full swing! If you find yourself frequently out and about these days, chances are, there’s that little voice in the back of your mind telling you it’s time to better secure your small valuables as you leave the house. Sound familiar? When you need a way to keep track of important items that would otherwise get lost in pockets and purses, it’s time to lead a “Bandit lifestyle.” Bandits are the novel way to secure jewelry, money, keys and more directly on your wrist inside a comfy four-way stretch material with a hidden zipper pouch.


We love using products that are inspired by the tropics, but how often do we think about the benefits they have for the health of our skin? When you use the certified Fair Trade cold-pressed organic coconut oil found in COCOOIL, you see advantages far beyond exotic scents. Escape to the tropics this summer with their line of body and suncare products that feed your skin with nutrients that hydrate, nourish and protect. Unlike water-based products for sun protection, COCOOIL suncare products include 100 percent natural botanicals which are more effective for producing a uniform and long-lasting film of sun protection on the skin.

Here are some other items to consider (I did not receive samples of the below to give my opinion on).


MooGoo Natural Skincare

MooGoo is an Australian company with a wide range of natural and gentle products that are made with effective ingredients and no gimmicks. All MooGoo’s products are designed to keep the skin or scalp moist, supple and using high quality, natural ingredients. Their self tanning cream is genuinely natural, healthy, and moisturizing and doesn’t contain SPF chemical filters, parabens, or benzoates used in many commercial creams.





Ochie Swim

Ochie owes its Caribbean influence and wanderlust vibe to founder Hana Lloyd who was born in the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and traveled the globe as an airline captain. Her focus on fit, design, fine fabrics and unique custom prints make these resort style pieces something you’ll want in your closet whether you’re vacationing on a tropical island or planning a weekend getaway with the girls.








Perfect effortless style this summer with VICI. From shoes to bags to jumpsuits and tanks, VICI’s designs are all made with beautiful fabrics and, even better, all offered at affordable prices that won’t break the bank.