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Endura Flap can handle all of my dogs

As you all know, since you ALL follow @OneEyedJackTX on Instagram, I have a very busy doggie household. Not only do I have my four beagles – Piper, Jack, Joy and baby Kylie – I have also fostered about 50 dogs in the last 2 years. To say my dog door gets a workout is an understatement. Through the last 2 years I have had 2 dog door bought at the pet store that have fallen apart and stopped being efficient pretty quickly. I have paid about the same price on multiple doors as one Endura Flap Dog Door would have cost. But, now, thanks to the Endura Flap Dog Door, I don’t think I will ever have to replace one again!

Endura Flap is not hard to install

Endura Flap, a leading creator of high quality, all-weather pet doors, keeps your pet happy and your home free of unwanted accidents! The first major difference I notices is that these doors are metal, not plastic like you find in stores. The frame is so well made that it will not move and crack with high usage. No matter how fast your dogs run out of it to chase that squirrel!

Endura Flap can measure on any door

I got the Endura Flap Single Flap Dog Door and it is wonderful! They have double flaps and a variety of other models, too, but I have a screen door with a built in dog door so I just needed the one flap. The dog door needed a hacksaw, drill and some patience as you have to remove your door to get it in. But it is, BY FAR, the best dog door I have ever used or seen at anyone’s houses.

Install the Endura Flap with the door removed

The plastic flap is a double, thick plastic type of material which will add to its durability. It magnetizes instantly to the metal frame and created a complete, energy efficient seal! I really, really love it as a dog owner! None of my pups have had an issue with a little heavier flap and even the fosters go in and out with ease.

Install the metal frame of the Endura Flap

You have some other options with the Endura Flap® Thermo Panel 3e™ , too. This is a revolutionary pet door made for sliding glass doors, too. It requires no tools for installation, blends seamlessly into the home, and is the most insulated pet doors on the market, containing gusts of wind up to 50 mph. Each door also comes with a locking cover, which keeps your furry friend inside while it’s wet and keeps out other unwanted critters.

Cut the door to fit the Endura Flap

The metal locking plate slides easily on and off to lock the dogs in or out.

Place the door in the metal frame to install the Endura Flap

Endura Flap makes your home more efficient and keeps out the messes furry friends can cause – the perfect solution for busy moms.

Kylie likes the Endura Flap

Get yours today and get more information, visit https://www.enduraflap.com/.