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Need a Great Beginner Drone? Altair Aerial AA300 Review

We are newbies, beginners, green as green gets and just starting out in the drone game. In fact, if it were not for my tech advanced daughters, I probably would be still trying to figure out why we need one. Now that I have the Altair Aerial AA300, I see why we actually need a drone! Not only does it add a whole new angle to photos and videos but is it F U N, y’all!! So now I think everyone needs one; types the 47 year old technically challenged mom of three.

Getting started with drones has always worried me. I am a ‘plug it in and it better work!’ kind of person. Lucky for me, this ‘beginner’ drone – which is advanced enough for the experienced drone users as well – is pretty easy to get started.

Need a Great Beginner Drone? Altair Aerial AA300 Review - easy and fun

The quick fly set up guides walked me though getting it set up and flying in about 10 minutes. And I am pretty slow at these things.

Once I had the batteries installed I read step by step, rotating my drone, spinning it and making sure all of the lights were the right color for flight. I hit the lock button and, much to my surprise and shock, the propellers actually stated to spin!

I lifted off, flubbed with the controllers and quickly crashed into the driveway.

Need a Great Beginner Drone? Altair Aerial AA300 Review - the drone

And then a tree. And then another tree.

So I handed it to my kids where they learned at lightening speed how to use it.

Now, we are still working on the photos, videos and games that can be played on the X-Drone app that you can download from the Apple or Android stores. I think Megan has it figured out and as soon as we get a really good one from it, I will splash it all over social media!

Need a Great Beginner Drone? Altair Aerial AA300 Review - the controller

Here are more great features for the Altair Aerial AA300 for you techy people:

  • GPS FLIGHT MODE: The AA300 Quadcopter has Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) connectivity allows for an easier flight and great stability for aerial photographers
  • VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY: 1080P High Definition: Live action video in first person view and high resolution photos with barometer altitude hold
  • TONS OF FEATURES: Headless Mode: Altitude Hold and One-Touch Take-Off and Landing. You’ll be able to grow with your drone as you become more experienced
  • 3 RETURN-TO-HOME FUNCTIONS: Has Point of Interest and Follow-Me Mode in the App and streams live footage up to 100 meters away
  • Altair Customer Warranty Promise: At Altair we believe in taking care of our customers with high quality support, including instructional videos and fast response to your questions, If there is a problem we will take care of you.

I will say that I am pretty impressed with this drone and it has started a whole new ‘flight’ of interest for my whole family…. hehehe.

Need a Great Beginner Drone? Altair Aerial AA300 Review - a great drone

If you are looking for a drone to learn on and to be able to so much more than you anticipated with then check out the Altair Aerial AA300!