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Crazy Aaron's has a variety of products

Raising three girls is a challenge that I happily, and proudly, love every day. Raising three little girls is fun, exciting, always changing and informational as well. The toys and things that they introduce me to are endless. The kicks and trends that they get into are sometimes fun, sometimes not so fun. One that I approve of, wholeheartedly, that they brought into my world several years ago was putty! Man this stuff is cool, y’all! Our brand of choice, long before I was sent products, is Crazy Aaron’s. You know Crazy Aaron’s. I know you do because all of the girls friends have it at their houses as well!

Stretch their imagination with Crazy Aaron's

Founded over 20 years ago, Crazy Aaron’s started with the simple mission of creating the best putty. Fast forward to today and we can honestly say our mission has been accomplished! With over 40 unique colors and effects, we’ve pushed (and stretched) our Thinking Putty® to new heights with collections that include glow in the dark varieties, color-changing Hypercolors®, awesome truly magnetic putty, and so much more!

What I did not know is how many products Crazy Aaron’s actually has to encourage children’s imaginations!

Like the MEGA Super Scarab! Guys… this tin is HUGE and has so much purple with blue and silver highlights going through it that my three girls can share the tin and still leave some in it to play with later!

Super Scarab Thinking putty is a hit!

Add to that their entire line of their SCENTsory Putty Collection and you really have an imagination party started! With scents like Snackerjack (Caramel Corn), Scoopberry (Berry vanilla) and Chocolotta (double chocolate) – plus SO MANY MORE – the kids can create and smell themselves into whatever imaginary item they are creating!

Like Chocolotta poop…

Chocolotta Scent Putty is the best!

Not only do my kids never run out of ideas to play with their Neon Set, their Liquid Glass, their Gold Rush Magnetic  and SO SO MUCH more, but did you know that they also have games?

Neon Putty makes the smile brighter

Yep, check out the Ultimate Putty Challenge Game and let them get even more creative with the Holographic Mixed by Me set!

Crazy Aaron's games are fun too!

Now, listen, I am a mom with carpet, stuffed animals and kids with hair in my house. I know that putty can – and will – stick to things I just don’t want it to. But as long as I supervise and teach my children where they can and can not play with Crazy Aaron’s is necessary. I will find a pool of putty on my kitchen island occasionally.

Crazy Aaron's encourages fun!

However, I would not trade the chance of putty getting on their favorite stuffed animal over the complete imaginative and interactive play that putty brings! They are not in their phones. They are not watching TV. They are playing, often together, with Crazy Aaron’s and I just love that!

Crazy Aaron's can be what they want it to be

Head to Crazy Aaron’s Puttyworld website now to stock up for your kid’s! (And maybe yourself…. playing with this stuff is really relaxing!!)