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I sometimes joke that I am a single mom to six kids. Three of them are furry with four legs, but they are just as much a part of my family as my daughter’s. In fact, during the day, when my kids are at school, my dogs are my entertainment, my attention grabbers and the ones I scold! When I want to spoil them, I head to PetSmart. They have the foods, treats and toys that keep my three furry kids happy and healthy!

Jack, Piper and Bud - My Three Kids with Fur + $25 PetsMart Gift Card Giveaway

Surely you have seen the funny  new commercials for PetSmart with Jennifer Coolidge and Anna Faris! They are all a part of PetSmart’s “Partners in Pethood” campaign. The commercials definitely take a humorous approach to being a pet parent which I can certainly relate to! They are directed by Christopher Guest, best known from “Best in Show” and “The Princess Bride.” If you haven’t already see the commercials you can check them out here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL44D5E9ZwUxN5jHNRfOyOM23OSDkE1U2u

Here is my favorite one!

These commercials make me laugh out loud! Sometimes because I can relate and sometimes because they are just hysterical!

Most of you know that I found Bud at a crawfish boil when he was about 5 weeks old. A tiny thing, he has become the fierce protector of the girls and I! Always trusted to bark at intruders, the UPS man and leaves that fall, his personality is much larger than he is. Now as a senior dog at age 12, he needs the best nutrition and the most spoiling I can throw his way!

Jack, Piper and Bud - My Three Kids with Fur + $25 PetsMart Gift Card Giveaway

Piper is my female rescue. A pup that spent the first 6 years of her life on tranquilizers and anti-anxiety meds, she needed a second chance to just be a dog. I stopped all of her meds the minute I got her and I now have the kindest, sweetest, calmest dog of the bunch. She is the alpha and won’t play well with other females, but she is the mom to the boys and the snuggler to me! She is amazing with the kids and I am so blessed to have her here!

Jack, Piper and Bud - My Three Kids with Fur + $25 PetsMart Gift Card Giveaway

Jack is my maniac adoptee that I got a few months ago! This one year old court jester has a personality that has flourished in a good pet home! Spending his first year chained to a dog house with no food or water, he barely escaped death and did lose an eye due to severe injury. He is making up for lost time running on my acre and playing every minute of the day! He has to be loved and if you don’t, he will snuggle you until you do!

Jack, Piper and Bud - My Three Kids with Fur + $25 PetsMart Gift Card Giveaway

Our dogs are more than our pets, our protectors and our entertainment. They are a part of our family and parts of our hearts! Celebrate your pets at PetSmart with a $25 gift card! Yep, one of my readers will WIN a $25 gift card! Just enter below and GOOD LUCK!

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