My daughter’s and I are pet lovers through and through.  In my lifetime, I have had 2 cats and 6 dogs.  Some have been an awesome fit for the girls and some have had to find other places to flourish and be amazing.  But now matter what, we have loved and cared for everyone.

Last year, we lost two beloved dogs and were down to just our Bud.  You have seen me write about him, his dedication to us when we had an intruder and show him off when testing pet products.  He is a fantastic dog and our 10 years with him has been awesome.

Piper and Bud

But I have noticed over the last year that he seemed more anxious, more protective and was forming an incredibly bond with me making separation painful for him.  My mother even remarked when I left once that he cried for a long time.  Well, I don’t want that for him.

But I knew I did not want a puppy.  One of the reasons I found Tag a new home a while back – umm -10 acres with people who raise dogs – SCORE for that fluffy one – is because he would jump on Bud and hurt his torn ACL that he received courtesy of Lexi, our black lab/ chow mix that went a little nutso and took it out on poor little Bud.  Plus I did not want to deal with potty training, the puppy jumping and chewing and all of those things dogs do.

And, truth be told, I wanted another Beagle.  My Ali had been amazing and I always wanted another Beagle.

So, in searching around online for a way to adopt an older Beagle, I stumbled upon   This non-profit Beagle and Hound Rescue organization is a network of loving people who foster these dogs and care for them as their own until they find their forever home.

The family

And they are very thorough!

I looked around on the site and decided that I was open to adopt any of the dogs they had that were ready.  I did not care about the age, the color or the size.  I just wanted to take one of these sweet dogs and make him or her part of our family.

I filled out the online application and waited to hear back.  Within  a day or two, I got a call.  What impressed me is that they had already called my vet to verify what kind of a pet owner I was!  So by the time they called me, they knew whether I would qualify or not to raise one of their beloved pets.

When I got the call, I was giddy!  When I saw Piper get out of her foster mom’s car, I almost cried with excitement and when she snuggled with me the first time, comfortable and happy with her new home and family, I smiled and thanked God for this precious gift.

Met Piper, age 5 1/2… the newest girl to be added to our house!


Other than the fact that she is already fixed, microchipped, potty trained and super sweet, Piper is also trained to be good.  She sits, lays down when you want to pet her and fits in like she has been here since day 1.  Although, I have to admit, she is way better behaved than my Bud is!

There are so, SO many benefits to adopting an older pet that I can not imagine not doing it again.  Granted, she will be in my life 5 1/2 years less than she would have if I had gotten her as a puppy.  But the time that the girls and I have with her will be so special and so amazing that we will be nothing but eternally grateful to the Beagle and Hound Rescue of Houston for choosing us to love this amazing dog!  We are so glad we adopted an older pet!

Learn more about how you can help this amazing organization on the Beagle and Hound Rescue Website!  LIKE them on Facebook as they showcase wonderful dogs for adoption and share the amazing success stories too!

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**A post of great gratitude from my heart**