Parenting kind of gets a bad rap. Many people consider parenting a horrible, thankless job that is best avoided. Yes, we deal with everything from throw up to teen drama and angst, but it is really not all that bad. Parenting is kind of like anything else. You get what you put into it. I love being a mother and I think most would agree it can be extremely rewarding.

Still don’t believe me?

5 Reasons Parenting Is Not As Bad As You Think

Consider the following five things:

Parenting gets me tons of kisses – The best part about this is they are not those fake kisses that are often given when an adult wants something. Kid kisses are by and large genuine, laughably wonderful smooches that are filled with love. This of course gets a bit foggier as they grow older, but they are pretty awesome no  matter how old they are. Hugs are also pretty darn special.

Parenting makes me sleep well – When you put a child to bed, tuck them safely and see the love on their faces, it is impossible to not sleep well. That and the fact that you are exhausted from chasing them all day long will keep you unconscious. Trying to keep up with young kids will keep you feeling like you have one foot in the bed at all times. Sleep is never a real problem. Unless they get up in the middle of the night. The it seems like you never, ever, ever sleep!

Parenting challenges me – Try to juggle gymnastics practice, supper, homework, baths, bed times and all the drama that comes with it. And that is just on Wednesdays. Parenting is a constant test of endurance, pushing me beyond my limits. I never get bored because there is always a new strain of problems around the bend to solve. Nobody has to ever worry about me having stuff to do. I am good for the next 18 years at least.

Parenting leaves me feeling important – When you are in charge of the sweetest souls on the planet and doing all you can to provide a good home, you are important. There is no room to really question that and your confidence can soar. If you are a good parent and truly dedicate yourself to their best interests, you will have no problems feeling important. They depend on us for everything! How much more important can you be?

Parenting gives you strength – When you are able to multi-task as a parent, you can overcome pretty much anything else life throws at you. The work force and other such silliness suddenly becomes easier and life comes at you just a little bit slower. Being responsible for a tiny life is more responsibility than any job could ever put on me. With every success, I find myself a little bit closer to being a real life Superwoman. Mess with my kid and I will show you what I mean!

What other proof can you share that parenting is not as bad as you think?

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