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Twenty One short days ago, I stepped up, went to the store, bought the amazing Listerine® Antiseptic, the Whitening Toothpaste, REACH® Dental Floss and Listerine® Smart Rinse for my kids and embarked on the 21-Day Challenge to see if the routine really did make a difference in my Oral Health! I am so happy to say it has! I am even happier to say that I am a Listerine® convert and my other ‘stand by’ toothpaste brand has been replaced!

Listerine #ListerineYou knew this was coming in my mid-way update! I was so impressed with the fresh, clean feel of my mouth that really seems to last all day, that I was already making the permanent move to Listerine® for whole family mouth care!

My kids are LOVING the squeeze from the bottle into the spout action of the Listerine® Smart Rinse. Because it is fun to do, I have noticed that they reach for it every time we are brushing! As a mom, I LOVE that!

Listerine #Listerine

Here are some things I have noticed in my mouth that are different over the last 21 days:

1) My gums don’t bleed when I brush. I attribute this to two things. 1) I am flossing on a daily basis with the REACH® floss so I know that is keeping my gums from getting irritated because I am getting the particles out and 2) rinsing with the Listerine® Antiseptic kills what is left and helps wash away the particles so they don’t re-embed in my gum line.

2) My mouth does not feel ‘gritty’ 2 hours after I brush. I used to be able to run my tongue over my teeth and literally feel the roughness of the food and drink particles stuck to my teeth. But now that I am using Listerine® Whitening Toothpaste and rinsing every time I brush, I am convinced that the routine is really getting my teeth cleaner. With whole mouth care, these is nothing that can stick to my teeth which could lead to cavities.

Listerine #Listerine

3) My teeth look whiter! Now, I tried really hard to take a photo of my teeth at the beginning of this and they just came out blurry. I so wish I had figured it out though because I have noticed that my teeth are whiter! I drink coffee and tea all day and can really see the difference in the brightness of my smile! I am excited to keep going and see how much stain I can get off with this Oral Care Routine!

Now it is your turn! Enter to WIN with your Listerine® Swish Selfie and start your 21-Day Challenge! I bet you are as thrilled as I am to see that there are products out there that really work!! I think all of our smiles are worth the challenge!

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