**This is a compensated opportunity in partnership with The Motherhood and Listerine®. All opinions and results are my own.**

We are about 1/2 way through the Listerine 21-Day Challenge for all of us to get a cleaner mouth! I have done my Swishie Selfie and am happy to say that I have been happily following the brush, rinse, floss routine for three weeks now and I can totally tell the difference in  my entire mouth.


For years and years, almost a decade, I have mainly used one toothpaste. I won’t tell you which one but it would have taken a LOT to get me to purchase something else. Another admission, I did not know that Listerine made a toothpaste.

They do, by the way, and the three weeks on the Listerine Whitening toothpaste and I am a permanent user! It astes great, first of all, which promotes longer brushing time. But it really seems to be working on my morning coffee, all day tea drinking smile! I feel like my teeth are getting whiter the longer I use it!

After brushing with the toothpaste, the Listerine Rinse just puts my entire mouth freshness over the top! I used to not like the taste, I won’t lie, but the new Listerine is fresh and minty and I can feel it working in the little crevices that my tooth brush may have missed! I rinse for 30 seconds or more and marvel at the funny faces I make.


As an added bonus, when I swish, my kids want to as well. So the kids Listerine Smart Rinse has become even more popular to my kids! I L O V E that!

Are you up to the Listerine Challenge? It is not too late to upload your Swish Selfie for a shot at weekly prizes and the grand prize of $2,500! Hurry now to their Facebook page and upload!

I’ll see you in a few more weeks as I complete the 21-Day Challenge. Get started today!

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