It is no secret that over the years, bedtime has been challenging. I have tried everything from Melatonin on my pediatrician’s suggestion to begging to giving up to, finally, moving them into the same room. Actually, they wanted to do this when my ex-husband moved out so they would not be so scared. It has worked fairly well. But, as you can see below, My REAL Day in Motherhood ends with the drama of the words, ‘It’s Time for Bed’. I thought I would share with you just a snippet of what happens.

My Real Day in Motherhood

Yes, I am aware that I counted to 2 1/2 like 4 times and I giggled at their antics. So maybe, just maybe, my reaction eggs them on. But I am – generally – pretty stern about bedtime. But sometimes, the reaction is just plain funny.  Is this what it is like in your house?

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