It has been well established on this blog that I have had 6 years of my children’s sleep issues.  If you have not kept up, feel free to join my long suffering readers with these posts about my struggles:

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kids sharing a room

Now that you are all caught up,  let me share my happy news with my patient readers who have given me advice, encouragement and love over the years!


Yes, you read that right and no, I am not exaggerating.

Here is the skinny on how I –  well my neighbor suggested it but I am drinking in the credit anyway – seemingly have solved the sleep issue in my house!

Two weeks ago I had a business engagement at night.  I hired a sitter to come in and watch the girls, but being in high school, she could only stay until 9.  Well, I could not get home until after 10 so I called my wonderful neighbor and she volunteered to relieve the sitter.

I got home at about 10:15pm which is prime time fighting hour in my house with the kids to sleep and all was quiet.  Not just quiet, but super quiet.  Quiet like don’t step on a piece of dog hair lest you ruin the happy moment, quiet.

My neighbor told me that she arrived at the house and all heck was breaking loose so she took all of the girls folding couches, put them in Katie’s room and read them books.  It took 2.5 books for the kids – all 3 of them – to fall fast asleep.  So I left them there – she actually threatened my life if I moved them… OK maybe not that drastic but close – and enjoyed the first night in years of not having to be up 10 times a night with various kids.

So, the next night I wondered if I had my neighbors touch.


I did….  amazingly, and all three girls fell asleep on their little couches in Katie’s room and they all slept through the night.

Some nights take more than others to get them calmed down… I won’t lie… but this is the best sleep they have gotten their entire lives!

I have a routine now that seems to work.  Only one night have I had a child not asleep by the end of this and I had to fight her.  But I will take that over the previous years any day of the week!

First, each child picks a book to read.  Whomever gets into bed first gets their book read first.  I start out reading a little loud to get their attention and then drop my voice to where they have to be quiet to hear me.  After the three books, I count backwards from 100. If there is noise, I start over.  They want me to finish because then I sing their favorite bedtime song to them – Mama’s Going to Buy You a Mockingbird.  Usually by that time, they are all asleep.  But if not, I count backwards again and that has done it 13 out of 14 nights.

PLUS – and I am SO excited about this – because they have each other in the room, the dreaded, “Mommy I am scared!” and “It’s too dark!” have subsided!  No more leaving the bathroom light on all night or having 17 night lights.  They are in a dark room with 2 night lights and happily sleeping!

Yes, I know!!  Happy dance!!!

little kids library

And now we have a ‘sleeping room’, a library and a playroom.  And I have to say, this is genius!  I can clean 2 of the 3 rooms at night when they are in bed!  So I have less work on my part when the kids are up trying to “help”!

I mean, come on.  How cool is that for the kids?

So I understand this may not work for everyone.  And I know that it is not feasible to put all of the kids in one room.  But for me, with a 6, 4 and 3 year old, this has been golden.

Much like silence.

Which I have now.

So I get to brag!

What has worked in your house?  Do you kids bunk together?

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