Fast Recipe Ideas

Sometimes as Moms we need Fast & Easy Recipes just to keep our sanity on a busy day.  I have rounded up some of my favorite Fast & Easy recipes just for you!  You won’t believe just how many recipes out there have a simple method to making them!  No need to waste all your time in the kitchen with simple meals like these!

Fast Recipe Ideas

Chicken and Black Bean Quesadillas

These are my number one favorite meal to make when I’m in a big hurry!  All it takes is a can of Black beans, can of chicken (or left overs) and microwave it!  Voila!  Easy peasy!

Fast Recipe Ideas

Garlic & Herb Chicken and Potatoes

This one is my second favorite because not only is it easy but it is also packed with flavor!  The kids absolutely love this one and request it too!

Fast Recipe Ideas

5 Minute Ground Beef Tacos

This recipe is my “go to” easy recipe when I am having people over.  It’s easy to make but it’s also easy to serve in big groups!  Just look how cute it is!  More importantly it tastes really good too!!!

Fast Recipe Ideas

Super Easy Meat Lasagna Recipe

At first when you hear lasagna you automatically think you will be in the kitchen for hours at end.  Not with this recipe!  Check out the easy ways to cut a few corners and make it a fast and easy meal for your family!

Fast Recipe Ideas

Cheesy Chicken Pasta

If your kids love mac & cheese then they will love this recipe too!  I always sneak a bit of broccoli in with out them even knowing!  Sh!!!  Don’t say a word!

fast recipe ideas

Oven Baked Ranch Chicken Recipe

We love chicken.  We each chicken a lot around here!  There’s nothing easier than this oven baked Ranch Chicken Recipe!  This is another one of those recipes that could be made for a big group of people.

fast recipe ideas

French Toast recipe you can make the night before!

This breakfast recipe is perfect for a holiday morning!  You know the days when you have overnight guests but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen the next morning cause you stayed up too late chatting all night?!  Yeah,  this recipe is perfect!  This one can be thrown together the night before and put in the oven right when you wake up!

fast recipe ideas

Fast Potato Casserole (made in the microwave)

Potato casserole made in the micorwave?!!  You betcha!!  Easy and tastes good!  This is a perfect example of those easy methods that taste amazing!  No one will ever know you didn’t spend hours in the kitchen!

fast recipe ideas

Super Easy Crockpot BBQ Ribs

Ok, first off, Ribs probably should be grilled.  But, on those days when you really want ribs but don’t have hours, upon hours to slow cook them, this method is for you!  Honestly, I can’t tell the difference!  These are fall-off-the-bone GOOD!  I can’t believe I got this amazing taste from my crockpot!!!

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Fast & Easy Recipes

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