Walking through the grocery store, trying to find the best items to throw in the basket that will create an easy, fast dinner – like these 10 minute meals –  on a weeknight is not an easy task. The typical mac and cheese and spaghetti find their way in but, honestly, I get really, really tired of the same old thing. But this week, with three kids hanging off the cart, one teetering dangerously close to being grounded, I stopped in my tracks. In front of me was the new line of Tyson Mix N Match Creations!

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These are genius! And I don’t think that just because I think Tyson is a great brand and have my freezer lined with all of their goodies. It is all right there. In the frozen food aisle at Walmart, calling for my imagination to grab a bag of chicken, a delicious, creamy sauce and a noodle packet – or rice packet – or veggie packet –  full of colorful ingredients. Dinner ala easy!

So, after standing in front of the freezer for a while, listening to my children plot total destruction of the store behind me, I was baffled. I mean there are 192 different flavor combinations from the 5 proteins, 6 sauces, and 8 sides. How does one lonely woman decide?

Check out my Google + Story Below and you can see the fun in the choices!

Eventually I chose some Crispy Chicken Chunks, Spiral Pasta and Veggies and Four Cheese Sauce. AND I chose the Grilled Chicken Strips, Buttered Pasta Shells and Alfredo Sauce.

Good thing I did, too, because the next week was a doozy of a schedule and I needed fast meals all week!

#ad Tyson Mix and Match Creations #MixNMatchMeals #cbias #shop

As the three kids and I piled into the house one night, tired from school,cheer and tumbling, I threw a pack of chicken in the oven, the pasta in the microwave and thawed the sauce in a bowl of hot water in the sink. Then I threw it all together in a warm skillet, topped it with Parmesean cheese and all 4 of us ate in less than 10 minutes.

A few nights later, same thing. Except this time I stubbed my toe coming into the house and it HURT!!

#ad Tyson Mix and Match Creations #MixNMatchMeals #cbias #shop

10 minutes later, I had a fresh, hot, delicious meal complete with fresh tomatoes on top to feed my girls!  They gobbled that up too.

These Mix and Match Creations are just so smart and so good and so fun that it will take forever to run out of combinations. I, for one, am stocking up at the store. Because if this last week is any indication of the next several, this mom is going to need all the help she can get!

#ad Tyson Mix and Match Creations #MixNMatchMeals #cbias #shop


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