Some days, dinner just has to be fast. But fast does not have to mean boring. In fact, being in a hurry can spur the imagination!

Walking through the store the other day, trying to plan 5 days of dinners, I came across some really fun, soft taco, shells that looked more like boats. I love tacos, and so do my kids, so this was a fun idea I thought would be a great success! So I though I would share how to make really fast, really good, ground beef taco recipes!

ground beef taco recipes

One of the things I don’t like about tacos is that the insides always fall out. Tip the shell and it all ends up on the plate, your lap or a mix of both!

These boats are awesome because they hold everything in. The ground beef, the cheese, the tomatoes and the guacamole!

So here is my super easy ground beef taco recipe that you can go fridge to table with in 5 minutes!

ground beef taco recipes

Pretty easy, right?

You can add variations to this recipe to make it a little different each time as well. Try using ground turkey or chicken to change the texture of the meat. You can also dice up opinions or green peppers and saute them into the meat to add some more crunch and flavor. I used Fajita seasoning to give the meat more of a slow cooked flavor. But you can use packets of Taco seasoning just as easily.

Ground Beef Taco Recipes

You can also use different kinds of cheeses to spice it up, too. I used Mexican Blend but Pepper Jack or sharp cheddar would be a neat change as well. I sometimes do mild cheddar on my kids and sharp on mine for a bite.

Toppings vary per your taste. I love guacamole and tomatoes but salsa, onions, even jalapenos for the brave ones will make these tacos pop as well!

Ground Beef Taco Recipes

How do you make your tacos? Do you do anything unusual to make them unique? Leave me a comment below!

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