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I don’t know if it is the cold weather or the lack of stress in my daily life with my girls, but I am more and more excited about creating delicious dinners with different flavors for the table. Unfortunately, my amped up desire is not matched with more time. So as I walk around Walmart every week, looking for delicious meals to create, I love to find things that will allow me to make something good without a lot of extra time. So when I stumbled upon Land O’Lakes Sauté Express® Sauté Starters a while back, I was so happy! I’ve tried them before but now, I want to show you my absolute favorite quick dinner recipes with them and how I make a different food every night for my kids without a ton of extra time!

Quick Dinner Recipes: Garlic & Herb Chicken and Potatoes #SauteExpress #cbias #shop

Monday through Friday is both a long time and a short time for me. My evenings are full of homework, getting ready for the next day and three personalities that all want something else to eat besides what I am making. But these 5 fail proof meals always seem to please.

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Discovering Sauté Express® Sauté Starter has been amazing. I can create different meals with different meats, though I have not tried fish yet, and generally make my kids smile.

Quick Dinner Recipes: Garlic & Herb Chicken and Potatoes #SauteExpress #cbias #shop

Their favorite so far is Garlic & Herb Chicken and Potatoes. I used three squares of Sauté Express® Sauté Starter in this recipe because I was using almost a pound of chicken (it is 1 square per 1/2 pound of meat) and I was using potatoes. So I needed a little more of the creamy deliciousness to saute everything.

The squares melted in a matter of seconds. I added the potatoes and the chicken and inhaled as my kitchen was filled with delicious flavors that were mouth watering!

Quick Dinner Recipes: Garlic & Herb Chicken and Potatoes #SauteExpress #cbias #shop

Because I used the small red potatoes and cut them in halves and quarters, it only took the time of the chicken cooking for this dish to be ready. In fact, my steam in a bag veggies that I served along side the dish took longer than the chicken!

I wish to goodness we had smell- a-blog or taste-a-blog because this creamy, flavorful dish is so tasty and smells so amazing that you will be as hooked as we are in a matter of bites!

Quick Dinner Recipes: Garlic & Herb Chicken and Potatoes #SauteExpress #cbias #shop

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Quick Dinner Recipes: Garlic & Herb Chicken and Potatoes #SauteExpress #cbias #shop


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