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Let them play with BRIGHT MIND Adult 7+.

I am sitting at my desk working away while my kids sleep. My 2 year old energetic beagle, Jack, is still sleeping, which is shocking, and my 7 year old, Piper, is snoring loudly in the other room. But Bud, my 12 year old love I found almost 12 years ago is with me. He is sitting on the couch watching my every move. He is like this now. Up at the early hours with me, watching me and always under foot. But for a while now, many, many months, I have been feeding him Purina Pro Plan BRIGHT MIND Adult 7+. I honestly credit the change to this food as the number one reason that Bud is more outgoing, plays more and is more alert to the little things than he used to be.

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Bud has always been my pal. An independently spirited pup, he still looks to me for love and hugs when he is not barking profusely to protect us from intruders. But a year or so ago I noticed that my dog that barked at every squirrel in the yard and the mailman daily was letting his brother and sister handle things. He was lazier, I guess. Not moving as much. Sitting on his ‘old man couch’ in the backyard, watching the days pass by.

Bud has the energy to play again with BRIGHT MIND.

About that time I was alerted to Purina Pro Plan BRIGHT MIND Adult 7+. The food contains enhanced botanical oils shown to promote alertness and mental sharpness in dogs seven and older with visible results within 30 days. I defiantly noticed a change at the time and even wrote about it and shot this video to show his changes.

Now, a year later, I am noticing more and more changes. While Bud’s body is showing signs of age with those little fatty bumps older dogs get, his mind is as sharp and active as I remember when he was younger. He can take on my 2 year old beagle at playtime and often wins the battle for possession of the spot on the couch.

Check out this infographin on BRIGHT MIND Adult 7+.

I wanted to assess, though, the kind of dog Bud is as far as how he interacts with the family. It is hard to do with three crazy kids and Jack and Piper running around, but, in our quiet time in the morning, Bud and I sat to take some tests from Dognition.com. This assessment platform, which my bag winner will also get a free code for to try out, helps me figure out Bud and his abilities at his age and for his breed. Which is many if you ask me.

Dognition.com lets you test your dog. BRIGHT MIND Aduly 7+ info too!

I know Bud loves me but he is a little independent spirit, like me. He does tend to go off on his own and we ‘lose’ him in the house or yard almost daily. He likes to pick spots to go lay sort of out of sight and away from the family. So it was really no surprise to me when I took the Empathy part of the Dognition.com test with Bud and was not surprised to learn that he is an individualistic behavior dog.  Being individualistic is something to be proud of, and I am. But I was also surprised to learn that initial results of owners taking this challenge seem to suggest that small dogs like Bud are generally more individualistic than large dogs!

We slowly made our way through the Cunning, Communication and other parts of Dognition.com, I learned that Bud is pretty aware of what is going on around him but may also have just decided that some things need attention and others just don’t. I loved learning that he watches me more than I thought and that he does seem to be alert and interested in all parts of our day. Knowing that is happy and alert and functioning well is a HUGE happy face for me!

Dognition.com helps you assess your dog. BRIGHT MIND Adult 7+ helps them gain back what they have lost.

As I continue to feed Bud Purina Pro Plan BRIGHT MIND Adult 7+, I continue to be impressed that he not only gets up and plays, but he also seems to start play and is right in the pack with any activity we choose. My Piper, who is 7, borderline 8, is on my list to start on the food soon! I have to finish her old bag and start the transition over.

Scientists at Nestle Purina have been studying aging in pets for more than a decade and discovered that nutrition can positively impact a dog’s cognitive health. When I was at Purina Headquarters a few months ago, I got to learn all about that science. I am so happy to say I see the results at home in Bud!

Older dogs love Purina BRIGHT MIND Adult 7+.

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