It’s back to school season! The better prepared we are for school start, the more successful our year will go, and the more learning our kids can do. Get prepped with everything you need right here.

Back to school season is here. End summer in style with all you need for back to school prep here.


Emotions tend to be all over the board for us Mom’s when the kids head back to school. I talked about my feelings on the first day of school last year as my oldest had her last first day of elementary, and my baby had his first day of kindergarten. As my oldest is headed to middle school this year, I loved reading Lori’s experience as all three kids were in tears when Katie was starting middle school.

I’ve already begun seeing back to school pictures from friends – who sadly must have a very early start of the year – and taking those milestone pictures is on my mind. Raising Lifelong Learners has shared some great tips on Capturing Memorable back to school photos.

Back to School Shopping

Before we get to the photos though, we need to make sure our kids have everything they need. From that first impression outfit on the first day of school to all the essentials like notebooks, pens, and backpacks – back to school can get expensive!

Thankfully you can find lots of savings online. Penny Pinchin Mom shares her Back to School Deals and Resources that is kept up to date every year with the best deals. For more specific deals check out the Back to school savings at Home Maid Simple and Coupons from Walking On Sunshine.

When looking for those necessities for school, you may want to check out Lockerlookz and Roomlookz too. Nothing gets kids more excited about schoolwork then a space decorated for their personality. Then check out this list of Must have back to school items from All Things Mama to ensure you don’t forget a thing.

 Back to School Safety

Isn’t it crazy that we send our kids off for 6+ hours, 5days a week with oftentimes complete strangers? Add in the frequent school shootings, the every growing use of internet tools, and well – school can actually be a bit of a scary place to send our kids. It doesn’t have to be though, and I fully believe many schools are doing all they can to keep our kids safe.

That doesn’t mean there’s nothing for us to do though. Lori has shared a great article on online safety for our kids as we get back into the school season and the frequent use of tech for school work and research.

It’s important to talk to our kids about making safe choices. These Back to school safety checklists from Wondermom Wannabe are a great icebreaker for those conversations and as a reminder of what we can all do to stay safe.

Back to School Meals

You would think that once the kids are back in school you have more time to plan healthy meals, and lots of time to prep those. There should be oodles of time for fun snacks, and hey you may even get a little creative. The truth of it is though, once school starts we find ourselves busier than ever. We finally have the time to check off all those house projects that got set aside for summer fun. Then the homework starts rolling in, and after school clubs and sports – you still have no time!

The slow cooker is going to be your school year friend! And to make sure you’re all ready to go, check out these kid friendly, easy to make, and yes even tasty Crock Pot Recipes from Crock-Pot Ladies.

Of course, the first day of school should have a fun after-school snack like these Back to school cupcakes from The Country Chic Cottage, but don’t stress it too much after that first day. Fresh fruit and crackers can go a long way.

Last Minute Fun

Well, summer is ending, and the kids are ready for back to school. As I was writing this piece, I came across Mom.Life.Balanced’s Back to school party. I’m not sure why this has never happened here, but we’ll definitely be throwing an end of summer/back to school party here this year. She shows just how easy it is, even for us introverts to host a party of this caliber.

Now that you’re ready, don’t forget your kids teachers. They’ve been working hard all summer long to prep for the new year, and a little something to show appreciation for that prepwork goes a long way in their day. This Back to school teacher gift from Juggling Act Mama is simple, practical, and useful for every teacher I know. Or go for something like a gift card to a local teacher supply store.

Are you ready for Back to School season to start?