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It is less than two weeks away and I am still not ready for my oldest to go to a school that has lockers. I am in denial that she is done with elementary school. I still want her to be little. But, deny as I might, she is, in fact, going to another school this year. One with lockers and multiple teachers and all of that big girls stuff. To help me… I mean, her, adjust, I want to make it fun. One of the ways I think I can make her experience more fun is to decorate her locker! For years now I have seen LockerLookz at Learning Express and other quality stores and thought about how cute this would be in her locker! Well, now that the time is here, we are stocked and ready to add some style to her boring locker!

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LockerLookz is awesome. They have thought of everything to help style up a locker to the nines! Everything, except the locker paper, is magnetic and easy to use!

Katie’s lockers at school are red. All of them are red. Inside, outside.. .everywhere. So having LockerLookz Locker Wallpaper that is easy to stick on and non-damaging to peel off, will help set her locker apart and give it a more ‘Katie’ look! There are a lot of styles to choose from and all can be a base for the accessories you choose!

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At the bottom of her locker we will add a nice, shaggy rug! This is just fun and keeps her books off the metal bottom. To the walls we attached everything from supplies holders, which are SO cute by the way, magnetic photo frames that she can put pictures of her friends in and even a magnetic light to add some shine to her locker!

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Topping it all off are some magnets that she can use to stick notes and reminders, another storage container that can hold her cell phone since they are not allowed in class and a white board that she can write reminders on!

When we were done, Katie was ready to show off her locker to anyone who would look! I love that this small effort to make her feel special and to have her own style in her one place in school will give her to confidence she needs all year round!

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