It is so hard to be a single mom in today’s world. First off, there are all the normal difficulties that one would expect…. runny noses, impossible schedules, etc. Holidays are the worst though.  The exhaustion piles up quickly and it doesn’t take long to realize that you are running on fumes. With this in mind, I came up with a list of five awesome Christmas gifts that every single mom would love to have. When you have to know what to get a girl for Christmas, it helps to know what she really needs!

What To Get A Girl For Christmas - Single Mom Edition

Here is my ultimate Christmas list called What To Get A Girl For Christmas – Single Mom Edition:

A Bit O’ Sleep

Ah….sleep… I once knew it well but now it tends to run away from me on a regular basis. Find a way to give me sleep and I will fall at your feet in thanks. With a little more sleep I could do so many important things! Like laundry and gymnastics practice and…well. You get the idea.

A Personal Shopper

Have you ever tried to walk through a store with three young ladies at your side? If so, then no explanation is needed for why a personal shopper would be nice. Imagine someone offering to go get groceries for you for a week or two. Not having to fight the lines…not having to take the kids in and out of the car…I can feel the Holiday bliss washing over me now.

A Foot Massage

After a long day of dealing with life, nothing is much better than having a nice foot rub. If you don’t like a foot massage, there is always the back, head and hands. Consider a gift to a masseuse if you don’t know what to get a girl for Christmas… will ya?

A Few More of Me

I have often wondered what might happen if I had a cloning machine. I could make more and more of me as I need them and not have to bother anyone for anything….like …. ever. I love taking care of my own stuff so if anyone has a cloning machine laying around the garage that can duplicate me, please send it in a big red bow for Christmas.

Toilet Paper

Yep… Toilet paper. You would be amazed at how much toilet paper a house full of women (young or old) goes through. Paper towels run a very close second. I won’t think you are tacky at all. Not even a little bit. Please send toilet paper.

These gifts are the ones that I would love to get as a single mom, but I am sure there are others out there. What do you wish for?   What To Get A Girl For Christmas?

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