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It is no secret that I have had some serious life changes lately. The divorce that was final last year and new lifestyle as a single mom has certainly been a journey. But a great one for me and my girls. We have immersed ourselves into our little family and could not be happier. But, there was some losses in the divorce that were harder to recover. Like my Health Insurance. My kids had it but I did not for almost two years. As a non-insured woman, it was hard to find quality healthcare. As a now insured lady – I was able to secure it finally this year – I still go to the place where I found such helpful and kind people even without insurance . Walgreens Healthcare Clinics!

Family Healthcare Made Easy at Walgreens Healthcare Clinics #HealthcareClinic #shop #cbiasStaffed with friendly and helpful associates and Physician’s Assistants, Walgreens is a clean, convenient place where I can go when I need some basic medical help. The Healthcare Clinic Houston branches are vast and I bet they are in your city too! So locations are easy to find and get to. I usually just walk in but appointments are available as well for those who are more scheduled and organized than I am.

Recently, I have been wondering about my all over body health. I know I still have some weight to get off and I was worried, at 41, if the extra pounds were starting to negatively affect my blood pressure, cholesterol or anything else. So I gathered my 4 year old up and headed to the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic near me. I walked in, middle of the day, and went right back to use their super easy computer system to sign in. When looking at my choices of services, I was impressed with all they offer. Everything from vaccines to help with minor medical issues to health screenings. Having those choices is so fantastic and I made note. When my kids have minor medical issues, it might be a better choice than our very busy, always booked Pediatrician’s office!

Family Healthcare Made Easy at Walgreens Healthcare Clinics #HealthcareClinic #shop #cbias

As I continued the simple check in process, I chose to get a Health Screening. It involved a check up and a finger prick as well as a conversation with the Physician’s Assistant (PA) on duty about my results. My new insurance was not able to be used and that was fine with me because the cost was only $65. Not too bad for someone who needed a little guidance of where she stood health wise!

I was brought in almost immediately right after another patient. I was weighed – EEK – and had my other vitals taken. My blood pressure was normal and, aside from my extra weight, was coming in right where I should be. Now, with the Health Screening, you should fast 9-12 hours before. But if you don’t, it is OK. Your results might be slightly off though.

Family Healthcare Made Easy at Walgreens Healthcare Clinics #HealthcareClinic #shop #cbias

After my finger prick I went back out to the waiting room for about 5 minutes while the results were measured. Then it was time to talk to the PA. Luckily, all of my cholesterol numbers were perfect. We did talk a little about overall health but she was really pleased with the results. She was not rushed in our conversation and was very thorough with my results.

I left a little happier that I had not done some serious damage to my body with the stress of the last few years. I also was in and out in under 30 minutes, which is very important to a busy mom with so many other things to do! Like take care of these Princesses!

Family Healthcare Made Easy at Walgreens Healthcare Clinics #HealthcareClinic #shop #cbias

Whether you have a regular doctor who can’t fit you in, a quick minor medical issue that needs to be checked, vaccines or other health screenings, check out the fast and convenient services at your local Walgreens Healthcare Clinic. The time saved, money saved and the peace of mind are worth it with their comprehensive services!

How does your medical care fit into your lifestyle? How do you think Walgreens Healthcare Clinics can help you? I want to hear!