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I miss the days when I could walk into a store and complete my daughter’s gift wish list quickly and without issue. The older they get, however, the harder it becomes to make them happy. With the exception of very expensive electronics, I am at a loss. ‘Money. Gift Cards.’ is all I get from them once a hard no has been put on the expensive electronics! Luckily, there is a website out there that has stuff that will thrill you and your Tween/ Teen! Seriously, UncommonGoods has some really cool and creative stuff that they may even break a smile at getting!

With my daughter’s 13th birthday on the horizon, it was time to shop. Take your time, make a list and make sure you see everything! Because Uncommon Goods has things you would never even think of! I love that about this site. Years ago I got two of my all time favorite pieces in my home from them and I have had them bookmarked to shop ever since. So when I say you will love them, you will for years to come, no matter the gifting or decorating occasion!

Start for tweens with the gifts page for girls and the gifts page for boys. Then… happy shopping!

Here are the amazing gifts I found for my 13 year old!

Cactus Bloom Throw Pillows

Katie has a cactus themed room so this was a no brainer! She added it to her decor and it was a big hit!

Glow in the Dark Unicorn Putty

I don’t care how old they are! They never seem to grow out of putty! Crazy Aaron’s is a fave around here so this was a BIG hit!

Uncommon Goods: Gifts for Tweens They Will Actually LOVE – glitter putty

Shower Squids

OK. I may have gotten this for me. The kid’s showers get so jumbled – especially with girls – that I need organization they will think is FUN to use! So far, so good!

Glowing Slime Kit

Add slime to the ‘they will never outgrow’ list! They LOVE anything slime. So glowing slime and glowing putty are a huge hit! I do make them do it outside, because kids and slime, but once it is made it is so much fun to play with!

Family Charades

I have to include in all gifts something the girls and I can do together! The Family Charades game is perfect for those evenings when we want to play and get to know each other again! So far, it has been the HIT of the birthday package!

UncommonGoods has so many amazing things for kids of all ages and I am so glad that I was asked to look at it again!

What unique items can you find?

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