Imagine standing in your living room with a freshly basted pot roast that needs to go in the oven, but the oven is broken, expecting a call from the school, but the phone is dead and the charger shorted out, laundry piled up so high you can’t see the floor, but the washer won’t turn on, the coffee in your hand cold, but the coffee maker is leaking, and the dishwasher making an unnatural noise, the fridge going out with no way at all to take care of any of it. That is kind of what it feels like when a bloggers website, like, goes down for a day.

No. Really. It is.

I was totally lost the day the blog went dark.

You feel helpless, lost, confused and basically useless Adding to that feeling is the stress that you know emails are going back to very important client (our emails are tied to our blogs, you see), that deadlines are looming and that any minuscule ad revenue you might have made is out the window for the entire day, and you could say I need a stiff drink right about now.

In the almost 6 years – wow….  6 years in May?!?! — already?!?! – that I have been blogging, I think I have only gone down like this a few times. This is the first time with a long standing host that it has gone down at all. But whatever took it down really did a number on the response time to get it back up.

But this time, this time, it meant a lot. The times before I was very, very, small. Not that I am all that ‘big of a blog’ now, but I am bigger, I have more clients, I have more readers to be responsible to, more emails to answer.

Today I got a good taste of what it would be like if I really did lose it all. If I quit or I suddenly became irrelevant and lost it all. I didn’t like it.

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Aside from making an income that helps me take good care of my daughter’s, this blog connects me to moms like me, moms who have been there before me, moms who are on their way to being like me, women who are powerful, loving, honest, caring, scared a little, confused a little or are needing a helping word or sentence to let them know that they are never alone. I don’t think I could ever live without that.

That connection that makes us a strong, unified group that can talk, discuss, love and cherish all at the same time. It humbles me greatly that you all are coming back despite the black out. And with open arms and a love I can feel all the way over here.

So, thank the good Lord above… I am back. I pray for a very long time too. Because is not just about me. It is about all of us living through one of the toughest jobs on the planet, supporting us along the way.

And I think we all need that!